Theme of the Week – Growing Up and Moving On

Sharing the Baby Swing So Long Ago...

I didn’t realize how much this summer would be about my daughters moving up (to 3rd grade), moving out (to sleep away camp) and moving on (cleaning out their toys.) But obviously the idea of them growing up and entering a new phase of their lives, which means I am entering a new phase of my parenting life, has been humming in the back of my mind for the last month.

My latest West Side Independent column grapples with what growing up in the city means and the milestones that are unique to an NYC upbringing. Who knew I’d be sad to leave Hippo Park Playground behind?

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My Kingdom For a Washer & Dryer…

The Object of My Obsession

Over at my monthly column in the Westside Independent today I’m writing about my washer/dryer envy.  I love doing my own laundry.  It’s one of those things that I truly don’t want anyone to do for me.  I know how I like to do it, I have my favorite detergent, I have things I like to hang, or dry on low or dry on high.  I like to pretreat and separate the clothes into all sort of loads.  If I could I would hire someone twice a week to clean my apartment from top to bottom, but I really don’t like anyone else doing my laundry.

However, what I do hate is my building laundry room and the fact that I am not allowed to have a washer and dryer in my apartment.  My apartment that I OWN.  This is the both the downside of living in a Pre-War building and being at the mercy of a co-op board.  It doesn’t matter that I have the stats to prove that the new high-efficiency washing machines use less water than the permitted dishwasher.  Nope.  Washing machines are the big taboo appliance, the bogeyman of cooperative living that makes everyone think of big sudsy flooding and bursting pipes.  So, I’ll continue to gawk and stare with lust in my heart for the Whirlpools and LGs of the world the way middle-aged men ogle Ferraris.

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