Live Blogging From the Martha Stewart Show

9:00 am

Right now I’m sitting in the freezing cold audience of the Martha Stewart Show.  With about a half an hour to go all the mom bloggers are settling in and taking pictures.  The set is gorgeous.  A dream kitchen of course, in all Martha hues, a fabulous craft room and an actual test kitchen that’s buzzing with chefs at work.  The staff is as professional, organized and nice as you would expect.  I have to admit I’m one of those Martha geeks.  It does not bother me that she puts up some perfectionist ideal of crafting or cooking.  I admire her the way I admire an Olympian or a principal dancer at ABT – someone at the peak of her profession who epitomizes the best of what she’s espousing.  Without Martha where would this entire industry of crafting, cooking and homemaking (not to mention multimedia penetration) be?  And for that matter where would the whole concept of a woman run media company be?  There may not be enough women also at the top of their company or with the media power that Oprah, Martha and Rachel Ray have – but Martha was pivotal is showing the world that women have the real consumer power and without that us mom bloggers wouldn’t exist either.


Still waiting for Martha to come out.  Shivering by the second.  Just noticed the awesome plant/garden area of the set.  They asked us on the audience questionnaire whether or not we had a question for Martha that she could help us with and I should’ve said plants!  We’ve killed every plant we’ve ever owned.  Now the warm up guy is up and trying to get us psyched up for the show.  He’s hyper plus a million.   Now we’re getting ready for the show to begin and learning how to applaud and help get Martha to commercial break.  I could use a little heat (or at least some hot water!)


The cameras are rolling out and over everyone.  Now we’re getting the reminder about  Are we ready to meet Martha Stewart?  Hell YES!  Bring her out!



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