Day 20 Rome and The Vatican (so that’s where all the marble went)

Here’s the one thing I refuse to do on a trip to Italy with kids – wait in line.  So far we have been incredibly lucky.  We have made advance reservations whenever we could, we encountered no lines anywhere else like the Duomo in Florence and the Palazzo Ducale in Venice because we went late […]

Day 18 – When in Rome (Let Your Inner Tourist Shine Through)

Here is my philosophy on being a tourist:  You will not fit in.  You will not pass as a local.  You are a tourist.  Grab your camera, spread out your map and get on with it.  Living in Manhattan makes you privy to all sorts of bad tourist behavior from all ends of the earth.  […]

Day One – Arrive Rome, Drive to Tuscania!

We had a really good flight all things considered. It was the first time my daughters flew on an overnight flight and I have to say I’m a fan of that 10pm flight. Its late enough that they conked out, and long enough that they got about 7 hours of sleep. (thanks to some preflight […]