MomBlogger is Not a Dirty Word (No Matter What Some People Say)

I admit I’ve cringed when someone has introduced me at an event as a “mom-blogger.” I purposefully didn’t pick a blog name with mom in it because I was hoping it would encompass more than just my mom life.  You know, that child-centered, boring life filled with nothing but grocery shopping, meal preparation, cleaning and […]

If Women Ruled the World: BlogHer and The White House Project

I spent a good part of last week with 2400 women from all walks of life, from coupon moms to political activists.   Women bloggers descended on The Hilton in NYC for the BlogHer ‘10 Conference. This was my first BlogHer and I didn’t know what to expect.  Would it be cliquey?  Would it be […]

We The People: America Rocks! TheatreWorks USA Free Summer Children’s Theater in NYC

On Sunday I took my girls to see We the People: America Rocks! TheatreWorks USA latest free summer production for kids.  The story: The Four Founding Fathers, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Ben Franklin use rock ‘n roll to explain the American Democracy and how the government works.  In the vein of Schoolhouse […]

Forget a Chicken in Every Pot – Give them the Apple Tablet!

Believe it or not there are actually two major speeches happening today – The State Of the Union and Apple’s State of the Tablet.   According to my social networking world the Apple speech is the way more exciting, anticipated and prone to wild projections and fantasies of the two.  The State of the Union is […]

Why Politicians Should Watch Soap Operas

Here’s a tip for all of those politicians who think they will take their secrets with them to the grave – watch some good old fashioned daytime TV.  Why?  Because one thing you learn when you follow the love lives and travails of the fictional characters on All My Children or General Hospital is that […]

The Recession’s Front Line: Our Schools

The day after our SVmoms conference call with Katie Couric about Children of the Recession, the NYC Department of Education (DOE) announced system wide cuts to the New York City public schools. The official amount was 5%, but at my daughters’ school it was about 15%. This is on top of the fact that our […]