Dream Cruising in Michigan: Classic Cars Hit the Road


This past weekend was the Dream Cruise, an annual drive along Woodward Avenue starting just outside Detroit and heading north.  We drove the route from around 18 mile road (Long Lake Rd) in Bloomfield Hills down to 9 Mile Road, ending in Ferndale with dinner at Local Kitchen and Bar, a new restaurant.

Here’s a glimpse into the cars we saw, parading down Woodward just for the fun of it.

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ManhattanHenge – It’s all about the grid

The sun perfectly aligned with the east-west grid of Manhattan and created a seriously cool effect.  My husband and I saw it first hand as we walked up Broadway during sunset on the Upper West Side.  This photo came to my attention by way of the West Side Rag.  It’s by Michael Huitt of Michael Huitt Photography.  First the amazing super moon now the spectacular sun.  Who knew NYC would be the site of such celestial beauty?

My Favorite NYC Supermoon Picture

This photo is via flickr and taken by “Steve O.”  I want to blow this up and hang it in my living room.  The super moon was so spectacular.  For all of his photos click here.