Join Me For The KidzVuz Twitter Launch Party!

To celebrate the launch of the new KidzVuz website we’re holding a full blown party the best way we social media addicts know how – on Twitter of course!  If you’ve never been to a Twitter party here’s how it works.

  1. Sign up with Twitter
  2. Once you have your user name hop on over the KidzVuz Parent’s Blog to put your twitter handle on the RSVP list
  3. Show up on Twitter at 10pm on Wednesday Oct. 5th and use the hashtag #KVBuzz (see that # sign?  That’s a hashtag.)

TIP: Download HootSuite to manage your twitter account, it’s easy to create a stream just for #KVBuzz to follow the party

Then just pipe on in to the party chatter!

We will be talking about tweens – those lovely kids ages 8-12 – and how they can use technology for creativity and self-expression – which is what KidzVuz is all about!

We will be giving away prizes throughout the party including a Redakai Gift pack, Fashion Playtes Gift Card and a Nintendo DS with a pack of Mario games.  Plus, a few more goodies that have fallen into our hive in the last few days.  We love when that happens!

So click here to RSVP now!

Got questions?  Comment here or find me on twitter @beccasara and I’ll tweet you back the answers!

KidzVuz 2.0 A Site is (re) Born

Consider this a sonogram of sorts.  A sneak peek at what is about to launch on to the web on Monday, October 3rd.  You can see our current version of KidzVuz now.  But, here’s a Wordless Wednesday of what’s about to launch.

KidzVuz is a site exclusively for kids ages 7-12 where they can create reviews about tech, toys, books, movies and with the new site – travel, food, pets and sports.  So, basically everything a kid would ever want to talk about.  It’s anonymous – user names only – safe and completely moderated.  Also, IT’S REALLY COOL!!!

So get ready for the big launch on Monday and join us for our Twitter launch party on October 5th at 10pm where we will be hosting awesome giveaways and talking about kids using technology to get creative.  Let’s empower our kids through tech, rather than scaring them!

Mombloggers Heeding the Call

I’ve had an overwhelming response from mombloggers in real life, on twitter and here on my blog to my Momblogger is Not a Dirty Word post.  It’s been incredibly gratifying to hear from all of these writers and bloggers who are also funny, dedicated and hard working moms.  But, one of my favorite things to come out of that post was this cool MommyBlogger button created by Truthful Mommy.  You can head on over to her blog, The Truth About Motherhood and grab the button for yourself so you can tell the world that you are proud, damn it!