Days 29 and 30 – Packing Up is Hard to Do

Our last days in Italy were a combination of sight seeing and relaxation.  We decided to fit in one last day trip, this time close by in Tarquinia.  There is a wonderful small museum dedicated to the Etruscan civilization and then a necropolis with tombs to explore outside of the historical town.  We drove to Tarquinia with heavy hearts knowing it was our last real day of discovery.

The museum was right inside the city wall’s entrance and we thought we would do that first, before lunch, and then head over to the tombs.  Surrounding a courtyard, the small stone museum is full of ancient sarcophagus, often of entire families, and pottery and weapons from the Etruscan Era.  This was a great museum with the girls, full of interesting items they could relate to like the dolls and pottery, and also impressive and tactile with the carved sarcophagi all around.  Plus, we did the whole museum in about 35 minutes.  We went to a fabulous lunch right across the street and then headed out of the town to the necropolis. Continue reading