MomBlogger is Not a Dirty Word (No Matter What Some People Say)

I admit I’ve cringed when someone has introduced me at an event as a “mom-blogger.” I purposefully didn’t pick a blog name with mom in it because I was hoping it would encompass more than just my mom life.  You know, that child-centered, boring life filled with nothing but grocery shopping, meal preparation, cleaning and playground politics?  Who would want to be that?  I wanted to talk about politics, travel, culture – you know all of those things that made my life and me interesting before I had kids? Before I was a mom.  Or worse –  a mommy.  But of course that’s just stupid.  Because the one thing I realized as I’ve gotten over the insecurity of being a Stay-at-Home-Mom and embraced being a Blogger-at-Home-Mom is that being a mom colors everything I do and write, just as all of my other interests color who I am as a mom.

Over the last year the title of mom-blogger has taken on a particularly nasty and dirty connotation.  You’re a brand whore,  a swag hag.  You will write for free for anyone who asks because you’re just soooo excited that someone actually asked.  Aw shucks, you’re just happy to have the honor of hosting a giveaway and being a brand ambassador because you are gullible.  You are a little Sally Field running around declaring, “They like me they really like me!” And then someone (usually a woman who was once a “momblogger” but is now leading the charge to declare mombloggers an immoral, insipid bunch)  will pop up on twitter and declare that you dear momblogger are actually a sucker.  You are a cog in the PR machine and you don’t even know it.   You have brought shame upon womankind because you are a…MomBlogger.

This is ridiculous.  You can be whatever the hell you want to be online.  It’s also insulting to every mom who happens to be a blogger and every blogger who happens to be a mom.  I guess if you called yourself a parenting blogger that would be acceptable.  I just wrote about the power of women bloggers and the incredible experience I had at The White House Project day at BlogHer.  There is strength in numbers and the online reach of moms who blog is exponential and real.  Sarah Palin isn’t making viral videos aimed at online moms for nothing.  Deride her if you will, but it will be a scary day if she is more successful at coalescing moms’ online power before the more liberal among us do.  I don’t want to hear another blogger putting down mombloggers in the name of feminism when it’s really just good old-fashioned misogynistic self-serving BS.

So I propose taking back the name MomBlogger and wearing it with pride.  Names have a way of losing their derogatory power when they’re embraced by the very people at whom they are aimed.  This is true whether its women taking over “chick” and “babe”, Bitch Magazine or the Jewish magazine Hebe.  Turning a dirty word on its head tends to disarm the people hurling the insult in the first place.   So yeah, I’m not going to shy away the next time someone calls me a momblogger, I’m going to smile and say yes I am.  They can read my blog and see who I am and where my interests lie, but I’ll be damned if I’ll let somebody else make me feel bad about the mom part of me.

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