What Does the MOM Media Blitz Teach Our Daughters?

A few months ago I received a pre-release copy of Jill Smokler’s book, Confessions of a Scary Mommy.  I had it out on my kitchen counter, on the couch, on a living room chair – basically I would pick it up read a few pages, laugh, sigh and put it down.  It was the perfect […]

The Never-Ending Birthday

When did my daughters’ birthday become a weeklong celebration?  I always felt that the one break parents of twins get is that the birthday can be a joint affair.  Especially when you have same sex twins, or in my case identical twins which makes it even easier.  But somehow this birthday thing has morphed into […]

Grey Gardens on the Brain

I have been on a cleaning rampage ever since I watched Grey Gardens on HBO last week.  When I saw the original documentary in college the thing that stuck with me was the sad and strange eccentricities of both Big and Little Edie.  But now, seeing Grey Gardens with mom eyes, with homeowner eyes, all […]