The New York Times Strikes Again

So, in case you’re one of those people who skims the whole Sunday Magazine section of the NY Times just to get to the crossword puzzle I’m here to fill you in on an article lighting up the mom blogosphere and Twitter.  Queen of the Mommy Bloggers, an article by Lisa Belkin, a woman whose journalistic cred I think is well established and deserved, hit the stands and the web and caused an enormous whirlwind of discussion.  This is the kind of thing that would usually get my fingers typing all on their own, but luckily for me a blogger extraordinaire, Liz Gumbinner – MOM 101 – beat me to it.  It’s not just that she wrote a great response; it’s that she wrote exactly what I would’ve written, only shorter, better and with a much more even temper.  She’s fabulous like that.

So, click on over and read her wonderful defense of being a writer.  Not a blogger.  Not a mom.  A writer.

Get A Job, Bloggers!