Day 8 – Florence (Too much Jesus for one 7 year-old to handle)

Today was a day of necessary splitting up.  Sophia, still feeling crummy and a little warm stayed behind in the hotel with Corey while Isabel and I hit the Uffizi.  Being twins our girls don’t get a lot of one on one time, and they never have.  Today, with this is mind, I basically let […]

Day 7 – Arrivederci Venice, Ciao Florence! (And the discovery of Nutella)

We ended our stay in Venice with breakfast at the hotel, and the waitress’s delight in plying our daughters with extra containers full of Nutella.  They had never had it before, but I’m sure it will be an instant addition to their European culinary adventures.  We tried to tell them that its just not the […]

Day 6 – Venice, Venice and more Venice (the tourist throngs cannot spoil this town)

We awoke to cloudy skies and a very decent hotel breakfast.  Even though it looked like rain, and did start to drizzle, the clouds were a welcome sight after so much unrelenting sun and heat.  We had a very ambitious day trying to fit in everything.  We started at a mask making shop called Papier […]

Day 5 Venice!!! (Do not have blind faith in the GPS!)

A five-hour drive.  DVD player loaded, headphones on, ipods ready and the GPS set to Tronchetto Parking Structure in Venice.  We were all set.  We got out at about 8:30 am and took off north out of Tuscania.  The ride to get the A1 Autostrada was incredible.   Up the Etruscan hills through Montefiascone, towards Orvieto, […]

Day 4 Tuscania and Lake Bolsena again! (Why can’t we make a damn cell phone call?)

We spent the better part of our morning sorting out the mystery of the cell phone.    Before we left Corey unlocked his iphone at a place in midtown.  Now that it was ready for an Italian SIM card we thought we were good to go, but we still couldn’t make a call.  And, since all […]

Day Three – Tuscania and Lake Bolsena (whining sounds the same in Italy)

So we were prepared for the disaster that would be our daughters this morning.  They fell asleep around midnight and woke up hyper and nutty at 7:30.  So much for that red eye flight making the jet lag thing easy.  Friday is market day in Tuscania so we headed out to load up on fresh […]

Day Two – Tuscania and the day my husband was almost impaled

I thought nothing could be a better sign of great things ahead than my daughters sleeping 12 1/2 hours our first night here.  Still jet-lagged and starving we stumbled down to breakfast.  I put on a pot of hot water since tea is my caffeine source of choice, even here in the land of endless […]

Day One – Arrive Rome, Drive to Tuscania!

We had a really good flight all things considered. It was the first time my daughters flew on an overnight flight and I have to say I’m a fan of that 10pm flight. Its late enough that they conked out, and long enough that they got about 7 hours of sleep. (thanks to some preflight […]

Living La Dolce Vita

Three months ago while I was in the middle of preparing dinner my husband called from work and told me that he had been laid off.  You’d think in this economy I wouldn’t have been surprised, but the mass lay offs at his company had come in January and he had survived, so come April, […]