NYC iPhone Apps Every BlogHer Attendee Should Have

You’re coming to New York City For BlogHer10. You know that most of your time is already taken up by all of the crazy BlogHer events but still you’re going to have some free time right?  These are the iphone apps I can’t live without as a native New Yorker.  They will help you make the most of your free time and maybe even look like a local (NO FOLDOUT MAPS!). Staring at your smart-phone while walking down a crowded street is your first step to fitting in…

  1. HOPSTOP (free) – take public transportation.  And even if you think you will never set foot in a NYC Subway you may find yourself stranded without a taxi in sight, laden with swag and just tired.  Hopstop will save you.  It knows where you are, you tell it where you want to go – and you can even select bus only to be a true New Yorker (the buses are New Yorkers’ little secret.  Super safe, AC blasting and you get a lovely tour of the city to boot) – and off you go to your destination without worry.
  2. EVENTBRITE EASY ENTRY – (free) You’ve got lots of BlogHer parties to keep track of and all those paperless tickets to show at the door – use the EventBrite App and see all of your events in one place without having to scramble through your email.
  3. OPEN TABLE -(free) Yes it’s good for lots of cities, but it’s a life saver in NYC.  Find out which restaurants near you have availability, get instant options, and make your reservation.  Almost anywhere you want to eat is in there.
  4. SEAMLESS WEB (free) – Food delivery at your fingertips.  More restaurants than you can imagine.  Place your order, put in your credit card, and just sign when the nice delivery man brings the food right to you.  Real New Yorkers do NOT pick up food.
  5. CENTRAL PARK NYC ($2.99)- Even better on an ipad.  Don’t even think of not going to Central Park when BlogHer is only 5 blocks away.  Take a breather and go for an early morning stroll, or run if you’re one of those crazy fitness bloggers, or a gorgeous lunch break.  This app makes navigating the park easy and enjoyable.   Plus it’s really cool to show your kids when you get home.
  6. VILLAGE VOICE (free) – Tells you what to do, where to do it and why you should.
  7. AT THE BOOTH – ($0.99) Want to know what’s at the 1/2 price Broadway ticket booth in Times Square before you go wait in that line?  The app will tell you.
  8. MIDTOWN IN MY POCKET – ($1.99) Best cupcakes by the Hilton?   Closest Art Gallery?  Manolo Blahnik?  This app covers midtown (the area where the Hilton is located) by category, shows you on a map, and even lets you tag favorites and show you local deals.  There’s also a SOHO in My Pocket free App if you’re heading downtown.
  9. WHITE NOISE – ($1.99) – We live in small 2-bedroom apartment, so we’ve always used a white noise machine in the bedrooms.  Now I find it indispensible in hotel rooms world-wide, but particularly in a hotel full of partying bloggers!  Especially good if you’re sharing a room with a snorer or early riser.
  10. FLASHLIGHT – (free) – Another great app if you’re sharing a room but you and your roomie have different bedtimes.  Also works great as a booklight on the fly or (just saying) there’s a blackout!

Do you have an NYC app you can’t live without?  Or a travel app that makes your life better no matter where you are?  Let me know in the comments so I can add it to the list!

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A Whiter Shade of Pale – A Very White Girl’s Guide to Summer Survival

I am white.  Not just check the box next to Caucasian white – but crayola crayon white.  And like every really white girl out there I have grappled with summer and the bare legs, bathing suit reality of being this pale for as long as I can remember.  When I look at a bikini I don’t think about the body baring aspect of it, I think that it will require way too much sunscreen and I am just not up for that job.  When you say beach I think sunburn.  When you say lounging by the pool I think they better have some damn big umbrellas.   Summer is a constant battle between me and the sun.

Every pale girl out there has at least one killer sunburn memory.  The one that required globs of Noxema cold cream, white, goopy and smelling faintly like bologna.  I have two.  The first one happened in Montauk.  Now, back in the 1970s and 80s sunscreen barely made it to SPF 15.  So I slathered on the pasty white Coppertone – “copper” tone is a total misnomer for us pale girls, nothing like lotion that made you look even whiter! – and headed to the beach with my family.  After coming out of the ocean I went for a bike ride.  Reapplying?  Not really part of the routine.  I ended up with a crimson burn on the front of both of my thighs and my forearms that felt simultaneously like fire and ice, the skin tightening against the muscle with every move, sensitive to even a breeze and leaving me unable to sleep.  My second unforgettable burn happened the summer between my Freshman and Sophomore years of high school when I was studying abroad in Spain.  Being the stupid teenager I was I decided a summer in Spain called for a bikini and though I thought I had covered every inch of myself in sunscreen I didn’t get the skin under my bikini top – and when you’re lying down “tanning” the sun has a way of finding the little nooks and crannies you forgot.  I ended up with a killer sunburn right under my breasts.  Yes, it was every bit as painful as you are imagining.

Here I am older and wiser.  I’ve lost my teenage bravura and self-denial that made me think somehow if I willed it to be so I could tan.  I tried the QT and went through my phase of being orange and slightly blotchy in the name of tanning.  Every year I listen to the beauty experts talk and read the silly women’s magazines that say the sun in unhealthy and be proud to be pale and then see them slather on fake tanner until they all look like tangerines.  Last year I had an appointment with a new dermatologist to get a full body mole and skin check.  She looked me over with that special light and told her assistant that my skin is what skin should look like.  My pasty white, never goes outside even in December without sunscreen on skin.  I almost passed out.  “Really?” I said, looking at her gorgeous dewy olive skin.  Yup, no sunspots, no damage, no funky moles, no premature wrinkling.  So, screw it, I am going to hide from the damn sun and be OK with that.  My daughters have my husband’s Mediterranean skin that actually turns bronze in the sun – seriously I think they start to glitter when their skin tans.   So I’ll be the pale mom watching my girls build in the sand and frolic in the water from underneath the shade of a big umbrella.

Here are a Few of My Favorite Pale Girl Survival Goods:

1 The EWG Sunscreen Guide is a MUST for you and your whole family.  I threw out all of our Neutrogena sunscreen after reading this guide.  Chemical free is the way to go, especially for kids. (and they have an awesome iphone app)  I like the Badger Brand (their stick is way better priced than California Baby).  Expensive, yes.  Chemical-Free, priceless.  And don’t forget to sunscreen your hands every day.  As my Derm says, your hands give away your age.

2. Big Straw Hat – No brainer.  Keeps sun off your face, keeps you cooler and looks really cute.  Here in NYC they sell them on the street and even The Gap had cute ones this year.

3Cover Ups – You know the drill, and yes, I think those little strapless ones are cute but you should cover your shoulders which are prime sunburn targets.  That’s just the Jewish mother in me.

4Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral Sunscreen Powder.  I LOVE this stuff.  It’s not waterproof so don’t use it if you’re swimming, but for running around the city, doing errands every day,  or for a sunscreen touch up at the beach or pool it’s the best.  Also good on husband’s bald spots or thinning hair.  Not that he has any.

5. Self-Tanner.  OK I do not think this stuff works for the truly pale but one of my friends swears by the Clarins self-tanner for pale girls.  If you’ve tried it let me know what you think.

6. Bronzers I am game for trying one of the bronzers that give you a superficial tan that washes off so it’s more of a when you’re going out at night with bare legs and don’t want your pasty white legs to give off more white light than the candles at your table kind of product.  I’m thinking of trying the Perfekt Body bronzer or the Lorac Tantalizer and I’ll report back if I do.

In the end though I think I’ve come to terms with my pale skin and I’ll just pretend I live in NYC in Henry James’ or Edith Wharton’s time when pale was the ideal.

Are you a super white girl with some summer survival tips?  Let me know!  I’m always looking for new ways to survive the summer sun while maintaining some sort of style.

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