Days 14 and 15 – The Arrival of Granny and a Day in Orvieto

My mom (Granny) flew in to stay with us for the week.  We drove an hour and a half to the Rome airport to pick her up and then an hour and a half to bring her back here to Tuscania.  Between all that driving, making lunch, her jet lag and the girls’ excitement over her being here and all of the gifts she brought the day flew by and before we knew it it was dinnertime and the day came to a close.  Unfortunately so did my internet connection.  I had to call the DSL company, called Alice, which seems so oddly personal.  Between my terrible Italian and their terrible English I managed to get a trouble ticket put through and then prayed that service would resume in less than a week.  It was not fun.

watercoloring for riposos

watercoloring for riposo

The next day we went to Orvieto.  At this point I feel like a person recounting the same story over and over again but the drive was truly spectacular.  Orvieto is in Umbria, perched high above the world on a mountaintop with its Duomo reaching into the sky and visible for miles around.

approaching orvieto

approaching orvieto

The drive from Tuscania takes you around Lake Bolsena through Montefiascone and up the winding mountains.  When you finally arrive in Orvieto you park your car at the bottom of the hill and take a 1950s era funicular up the side of the mountain.  This was a definite highlight of the day for the girls.

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