Day 25 Au Revoir Paris! Finally Isabel gets to the Park

Our last day in Paris was just as chock full as the first three.  We had to check out our apartment early because the next family was arriving by 10.  Actually, they arrived while we were still there, and poor them we made them wait outside until we were ready and the owner had arrived.   […]

Day 23 – Paris (Bread, Chocolate and The Ferris Wheel)

Our first full day in Paris was an experiment in family travel – specifically how to squeeze in what the adults want to do yet placate the kids.  We hit a pretty good balance.  We started out on the Metro with our 3-day passes and headed for the Louvre.  Unfortunately the weather was unseasonably cool […]

Day 22 Bonjour Paris! (The ultimate side trip)

When we initially started planning our trip we thought we would go to London, Paris and then Italy for a week.  As things shaped up and we were offered the villa in Tuscania we reworked our plan to just fly in and out of Rome and do driving trips around Italy.  But, we couldn’t shake […]

Day 21- Tuscania, Taking Time to Smell the Sunflowers

Today we did our usual day of rest following the insanely packed day at the Vatican.  We walked through Tuscania, still with map in hand, to find some new stores and routes that we hadn’t yet explored.  We then hit Lake Bolsena again for some serious downtime and relaxation.   The nice thing about being here […]

Day 16 – Pitigliano It’s So Not (Jewish) Ghetto

There is something about being outside of New York that always makes me feel more Jewish.  I don’t know exactly what that means, but when I lived in London being Jewish was actually something people asked me about.  As if it were somewhat foreign or exotic.  Neither of which I consider it to be.  In […]

Days 14 and 15 – The Arrival of Granny and a Day in Orvieto

My mom (Granny) flew in to stay with us for the week.  We drove an hour and a half to the Rome airport to pick her up and then an hour and a half to bring her back here to Tuscania.  Between all that driving, making lunch, her jet lag and the girls’ excitement over […]

Day 13 – Viterbo and The Italian Wal-Mart

We finally decided that Sophia’s cough was going to linger no matter what we did so we figured an easy day of lunch in the old town of Viterbo followed by a pilgrimage to the Iper Coop “shopping experience” would make for a good first venture out into the world for her. (And me!)  We […]

Days 11 and 12 – Groundhog Day – Italian Style

Same day, twice.  With Sophia still sick we decided to take it easy and let her rest in the house.  That meant that Corey took Isabel to the market, to lunch and to the pool.  At one point they also attempted to go to the farm at Casa Caponetti but they missed the turn and […]

Day 9 – Siena – (All About La Famiglia)

We packed up the car and drove to Siena to meet Mindy (Corey’s sister) and Mark (her husband) and their family.  The drive was gorgeous, through Chianti and the Tuscan hills.  The girls even abandoned their Leapsters instead tuning into When You’re Engulfed in Flames, the audio book by David Sedaris that we were listening […]

Day 8 – Florence (Too much Jesus for one 7 year-old to handle)

Today was a day of necessary splitting up.  Sophia, still feeling crummy and a little warm stayed behind in the hotel with Corey while Isabel and I hit the Uffizi.  Being twins our girls don’t get a lot of one on one time, and they never have.  Today, with this is mind, I basically let […]