Maternity Monday: In the Age of Facebook when do you tell everyone you’re pregnant?

Guess what? There’s a new baby due in January in the Beccarama family – and it’s not mine (phew)!  My sister is pregnant, and I am thrilled for her – so thrilled in fact that my first thought was, “you have to write about it!” (well, at first I said, “Mazel Tov” I’m not a […]

My 7 Links Challenge – Writing Against My Will

If you know me you know I am not a big joiner.  I never did the 25 things about me meme on Facebook, I rarely answer those emails that urge you to answer questions and then send them on to 5 more people, I hate polls, but I am writing this post because this game […]

Is A Blog the Sweetest Form of Revenge?

Over on NYCmoms today I’m talking about whether or not a blog is the place to get even or at least get angry at people in my life.  Personally I think I’m too afraid of offending people I know than actually being honest when it comes to issues with family and friends, and it turns […]