Day 18 – When in Rome (Let Your Inner Tourist Shine Through)

Here is my philosophy on being a tourist:  You will not fit in.  You will not pass as a local.  You are a tourist.  Grab your camera, spread out your map and get on with it.  Living in Manhattan makes you privy to all sorts of bad tourist behavior from all ends of the earth.  […]

Day 5 Venice!!! (Do not have blind faith in the GPS!)

A five-hour drive.  DVD player loaded, headphones on, ipods ready and the GPS set to Tronchetto Parking Structure in Venice.  We were all set.  We got out at about 8:30 am and took off north out of Tuscania.  The ride to get the A1 Autostrada was incredible.   Up the Etruscan hills through Montefiascone, towards Orvieto, […]