Walt Disney World New Fantasyland and Granting Holiday Wishes with GM Northeast – A Very Merry Giveaway!

Last week I attended the Grand Opening of the New Fantasyland at Walt Disney World.  I hadn’t been to Walt Disney World in probably 20 years or so.  My daughters had never been.  I still remember walking through Cinderella Castle the very first time – I was 6 years old – and seeing Fantasyland spread out on either side of me.  It’s so vast and unbelievable that first time.


This trip was no less magical, and maybe even more so watching my daughters experience it for the first time.

There are a couple of words that get repeated over and over again when you are at Disney World – wishes, imagination and dreams.  At the core of Fantasyland are those ideas that form the foundation of fairy tales.  New Fantasyland expands on these themes in dramatic and incredibly engaging ways.  The expansion of Dumbo into an entire Circus experience is whimsical and wonderful.


Belle’s Cottage, the Beast’s Castle and the little French village built around the Beauty and the Beast area is truly enchanting.  And Ariel’s Under the Sea Ride brings you into that undersea world completely.  It feels new in every way – from the technology to the artistic details.


For us, this trip was truly a holiday wish come true, an amazing vacation filled with take our breath away moments – especially the end of the evening castle projection show on Cinderella Castle.

Disney hosted me and my family for this trip, but all starry-eyed opinions are my own.



Now, I feel especially lucky to help grant a wish to one of my lucky readers.  I have partnered with General Motors Northeast to pick one reader for their Grant One Wish program who will win a $500 Amex Gift Card and a one week car loan from GM Northeast to help make their holiday wishes come true.

Want to visit family?  Drive around to volunteer and do good this season?  Take a holiday road trip?  What would you do with a fab car for a week and $500?  I can’t wait to hear all about it!

Method of entry:

  • You must follow me on twitter @beccasara
  • Tweet your holiday wish and include the hashtag #GMNER and my handle: @beccasara, then leave a comment below with the link to the tweet.  (to do this click on the time stamp of your tweet and you will be taken to the tweet’s url.)

Additional Entries:

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Stand Out!

  • Add a picture to your tweet or link to a video on YouTube telling me and GM your big holiday wish.  Just don’t forget the hashtag #GMNER and @beccasara so we can find it!  You’ll get 5 extra entries for going the extra mile! Make sure to leave a comment below with a link to the image-filled tweet.

Eligibility:  Winner MUST be 21 years or older and live in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut or Washington, D.C. areas.  Employees, and their relatives, of GM and Beccarama.com are not allowed to enter.  Contest ends on December 17, 2012 at 12:00pm EST.  Winner will be chosen at random using random.org.  Prize to be provided by GM Northeast.

GM Northeast sponsored this giveaway and I was provided with a car loan in exchange for hosting this contest. 


My Cinderella Story

Today is my fourteenth anniversary.  My husband and I have been married for 14 years, together for 19 years, and met each other almost 21 years ago.  It sounds crazy when I think about it in terms of numbers and actual time.

We stopped buying anniversary gifts for each other years ago.  We’d rather spend the money on a shared experience – an amazing dinner or a trip without the kids.  And truth be told, gifts are not the strong point of our relationship – except for one that I was reminded of this morning when I was at a Disney Parks event celebrating the opening of the newly redone Fantasyland and they gave us a Mickey Mouse watch as a parting gift.

The first time I went to Disney World I was 6 years old.  I loved it.  I was a Disney kid – and since this was before VCRs, my experience with Disney was in the movie theater.  When there was a rerelease of classic Disney films we were there.   Disney world was only 7 years old when I visited, having just opened in 1971. So, in many ways it was a brand new kind of place for everyone who visited, but for a 6-year-old, movie addict girl, walking through Cinderella’s Castle was truly a magical experience.

I can tell you exactly what I bought as souvenirs that first time at Disney World: A Snow White figurine, a mug with Snow White and the Seven Dwarves painted on it, and a Cinderella watch.  The first two items traveled with me from home to home my whole life and now are displayed in my daughters’ room.  The last item, the watch, which I irrationally loved, was stolen by a housekeeper who also stole real jewelry from my mom and our bathroom rugs.  True story.

My Disney figurine collection grew over the years since I was lucky enough to return to Disney World many, many times.  Yes, we were/are one of those Disney-fan families.  But, I never got over the loss of that watch.  It had way too much sentimental value, and was the earliest thing I can remember truly appreciating owning.

I told this story to my husband pretty early on in our relationship.  I don’t even know how it came up. He was probably horrified that I still had my figurine collection (not displayed – I wasn’t that bizarre) and I was trying to explain why Disney was meaningful to me.  I never got over losing that watch.  And I never replaced it because they just weren’t the same.

Then one day my husband (who was not my husband yet) presented me with a gift for our dating anniversary.   And there it was, my Cinderella watch.

How did he find it? Well, a little start-up called Ebay made it all possible.  And while it’s not MY watch (mine had a light blue band) it is the SAME watch.  The mid-70’s Cinderella watch that I loved and lost.

So it was so fitting that I started my anniversary day celebrating the relaunch of Fantasyland at Disney World with the Disney Parks people, and will end my day having dinner out with my husband who remembered a tiny thing I mentioned in passing and made it into the best, most romantic gift ever.