Trying to Explain the Unexplainable to My Daughters

This morning before my daughters headed off to school I had to sit them down and tell them about an unimaginable tragedy that had happened yesterday in our NYC neighborhood.  Two children were allegedly stabbed to death by their nanny, and one of those children was a student at their school.  Knowing that there could […]

Theme of the Week – Growing Up and Moving On

I didn’t realize how much this summer would be about my daughters moving up (to 3rd grade), moving out (to sleep away camp) and moving on (cleaning out their toys.) But obviously the idea of them growing up and entering a new phase of their lives, which means I am entering a new phase of […]

The Bittersweet Inevitability of Growing Up – A Weekend Spent with Peter Pan and Toy Story 3

My daughters finished 2nd grade and now at 8 years old they have declared themselves to be “tweens.”  I personally thought the whole tween thing was for ages 10-12, the real prepubescent years with middle school and all those horrors.  But no, Time Out Kids had an entire tween issue and right there on the […]