Parenting Doesn’t Stop at The Computer Screen – Internet and Real Life Safety for Kids

Today over on the Blogging Angels Podcast I’m talking with my 3 co-hosts about when we let our kids move up the independence ladder.  Do you have filters on your computer and browsers?  At what age will you give your kid a cell phone?  Have you had the internet safety talk with your kids – and should that talk be separate from any other safety talk?  And seriously, why is getting hit by a car really what all the Blogging Angels are most afraid of for their kids?

Listen to what we have to say – and weigh in at our blog or our Blogging Angels facebook page.  Plus check out the great links to all of the resources we talk about on the podcast.  From sleep-away camp to internet safety we’ve got you covered.

Day 4 Tuscania and Lake Bolsena again! (Why can’t we make a damn cell phone call?)

We spent the better part of our morning sorting out the mystery of the cell phone.    Before we left Corey unlocked his iphone at a place in midtown.  Now that it was ready for an Italian SIM card we thought we were good to go, but we still couldn’t make a call.  And, since all of the prompts were in Italian, we couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Finally, the saleslady at the cell phone store in Tuscania figured out that our SIM card needed to be refilled with more Euros so Corey got a new one with lots of Euros and finally the cell phone juggle was solved.

After all of that fun we headed up the main drag to the tiny little fresh pasta store to select some pastas to cook for dinner.  They were all beautiful and filled with all sorts of fresh stuffing- fish, meat, different cheeses, porcini mushrooms, spinach, etc.  Each girl chose their own; Sophia got mezzaluna with meat, Isabel got potato gnocchi that looked like little gumdrops, and us adults got ravioli with a fish and ricotta filling.   Then we headed to the pasticceria to get cookies.  And finally to the fromaggeria to get cheese.  Basically life here revolves completely around food which is perfectly fine with me.  We headed to lunch at a local place in a small piazza and then realized that the heat and sun were overwhelming.

So we packed up the car with our beach paraphernalia and headed back to Lake Bolsena for what we thought would be a relaxing end to the day. Continue reading