Supporting Art in Schools with Blick Art Room Aid

As someone who has invested way too many hours in my daughters’ NYC public school and education issues beyond those four walls, I have come to realize that the worst thing educators and administrators can do is look at various subjects – math, literacy, science, art, music, gym, social studies – as isolated fields of […]

It’s Takes a Village (or a List Serve) to Raise a Kid in this City

This is a Maternity Monday post by guest blogger and teaching artist Jess Levey.  This series publishes almost every Monday on Beccarama. Well, we are getting VERY close now, just a month or so to go. And, although I have had to endure waves of anxiety due to financial stress and fears (and sleepless nights […]

Making Room for Baby – NYC Style

This is a Maternity Monday post by guest blogger Jess Levey.  This series appears every Monday on Beccarama. I’m pretty sure my husband is upset with me. Or maybe it’s not me, but just a general sadness for the loss of something he was deeply attached to. Yes, the aggressive nesting has begun, and I […]