Is A Blog the Sweetest Form of Revenge?

Over on NYCmoms today I’m talking about whether or not a blog is the place to get even or at least get angry at people in my life.  Personally I think I’m too afraid of offending people I know than actually being honest when it comes to issues with family and friends, and it turns out even casual friends.  I don’t review products that I don’t like either rather than write something mean about them.  Politicians and the like are fair game but the people in my circle, however distant they may be from its center, are basically off my slambook radar.

I remember a writing teacher in college who told me that Eugene O’Neill sealed his autobiographical play Long Day’s Journey Into Night in an envelope for his publisher and that it wasn’t to be produced until 25 years after his death because he couldn’t bear to have anyone related or close to him see it.  While it didn’t quite work out that way, I understand that push-pull between wanting to write your story and yet respect the characters involved in the truth.  Then there’s Truman Capote who went the other way and betrayed all of his friends when he wrote a sordid short story revealing and trashing his best friends’ marriage.  He would have loved blogging no doubt.

So, there it is – the eternal personal blogger’s  or “generalist’s” conundrum:  What is personal and what is private and where do the two meet?  Read the original nycmoms post that started the debate

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