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Rebecca Levey

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I have been a writer, entrepreneur and communicator since the day I created my first handwritten newspaper as a way to keep in touch with my cousins across the country, and coerced them into throwing lavish talent shows during the summer (and charging our relatives to attend!) when I was 8 years old.

I am the Queen Bee and co-founder of  KidzVuz. KidzVuz is a media company focused on user-generated videos by and for tweens where they create reviews and comment about the products and media they love via the web or our mobile app.

I am a monthly contributor to Mashable.com where I write about family technology and parenting.

I am the founder and co-host of The Blogging Angels Podcast, a weekly radio show about women in social media and the blogosphere. For the last 5 years I have been a blogger and freelance writer.

This is my personal blog, Beccarama, where I write about parenting, travel, technology, education, and all things NYC.

Previously I was the Social Media Editor at Mom Blog Magazine, and a member of the Yahoo! Mother Board.

My blog posts have been nationally syndicated through McClatchy/Tribune and in The Washington Post.

My side passion is education advocacy.  As the Co-President of the PTA at my twin daughters’ NYC public elementary school I spent way too many hours trying to bring parents and teachers together and raise money and ideas for the school, without embarrassing my daughters.  I was the 2011 New York State Delegate to Parenting Magazine’s Mom Congress on Education and Learning, and was featured as a White House Champion of Change for Education.

As an expert in the kids and tweens space, I frequently speak on radio, TV, print and at conferences about raising kids in the digital age.

I am on the Parent Advisory Board of Kidzania – a multinational theme park and entertainment company.

Additionally, I have worked with brands such as Microsoft, The Children’s Place, J&R Electronics, Motorola, Audible.com, Duane Reade and non-profits such as RBaby Foundation, One Foundation and Blick Art Room Project to effectively and creatively promote their company and/or causes.

I am available to cover media events (especially if great food and fun locations are involved) discuss marketing opportunities and consult on social media strategy.  And if you’d like to sponsor me for a conference or send me on an around the world adventure I will give you my utmost attention.  I may even put down my iphone and stop tweeting while taking to you.

Check out my PRESS and SPEAKING page to see clips and videos.

I welcome your comments and feedback.   You can email me at rebecca(at)beccarama (dot)com or

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  1. Hey Rebecca!

    This is the first time I’ve visited your site, and your different blog stories are inspiring and incredibly witty (I especially liked the one on non-family friendly flights, lol). I, like you, also have young twin girls (almost 3 yrs old, in a week), and it’s been my ultimate DREAM to move to NYC (seriously considering Brooklyn) with them. I’m 22yr old single mom, going into senior year in college, and currently live in the DC metro area. Seeing as you share a similar parenting experience, I wanted to see if you could offer any advice for my particular situation– anything about childcare, rent, the school system, groceries, transitioning, other relevant info, knowledge, or advice. I know from some research that it’s def. pricey and a challenging feat, but I would really value your own personal experience. I expect for the move to be sometime in Spring 2011, been saving every penny. Look forward to hearing from you!

    Barbara Vargas

  2. Hi Rebecca!
    I’ve been reading through your travel blog and I would love to get your opinion….I am planning a 10-14 day trip for september and was hoping to do Paris + Italy…. I am having such a hard time trying to decide where to go, and even removed Paris at one point but am thinking I just must squeeze it in. I will be traveling with my husband, 9 month old and my mom.
    Do you think doing Rome and Venice is too much?
    I would really appreciate any suggestions,

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