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So by all means – ASK! Chances are I’ll say yes.  I’ll probably even be flattered.  But, if you steal it then you are a terrible person with no imagination of your own and tons of horrible virtual and real karma will envelope your body and you will have a case of really bad Jewish guilt no matter what your religion or upbringing and end up hurling yourself off the nearest bridge.  I know that’s not the fate you want to bring upon yourself so save us all the trouble and just ASK! My email is right down at the bottom – in bold.

Sometimes I am given products to review or giveaway.  I accept these products with full intention of giving an honest and unbiased review, and I will always state when I’ve been given a product for free.  If I don’t say I’ve gotten it for free then I just really like something cool and new and wanted to share it.  Because I’m a good sharer.

Contact: for all requests.

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