KidzVuz in the News – on E! News, Fox NY and going viral!

fox ny set

What makes a video go viral?

My husband described it as lightening in a bottle – and I think that’s true to a degree.  It is rare, and it has an element of impossibility.  This past week we watched our first honest to goodness viral video happen at KidzVuz.

We’ve had videos get tens of thousands of views, we have one video that consistently gets 1000+ views a week and we have no idea why – but this week GlitterGirl, one of our KidzVuz star reporters, interviewed Ryan Reynolds on the red carpet of the Turbo premiere, and this video had the secret sauce.

People Magazine, Pop Sugar, ABC News, and E!online were among the 25 news outlets that picked up the video.  Then E! News played it on air as one  their best of the weekend videos.

Here’s the E! News clip of the video:

She’s adorable.  He’s got fatherhood talk swirling around him.  The question was different and adorable.  Is that what made it a viral video hit?  I don’t know.  And anyone that tells you they can make a guaranteed viral video is lying.

But I can tell you that what makes this, and all of our KidzVuz videos special is that they are the definition of authenticity. And that can make all the difference.

GlitterGirl joined me on Fox NY Good Day Street Talk last week too.  We talked about internet safety, parenting and how she ended up on the red carpet!

(and no, she is NOT my daughter!)

Check Out KidzVuz on WPIX Morning News: Hot Holiday Picks for Tweens!

Yesterday, Nancy Friedman and I were incredibly excited to do our first live on-air TV segment for  We were featured on the WPIX Morning News here in NYC with two awesome KidzVuz reviewers to show the best holiday picks for tweens – by tweens!  Aren’t you sick of hearing adults go on and on about what kids want – only to discover your kid didn’t really care about that supposedly “hot” toy at all?  Well, we are lucky to have kids all over the country telling us what’s cool, trending or on their wish lists every day on    Check out our awesome segment with the incredibly wonderful Tamsen Fadal who was beyond genuinely nice and great with the kids!

And check out the amazing giveaway for some of these products and a Windows HTC phone on  Plus there’s still time for your kid to enter to win a $100 Visa Gift Card on

Wall Street Journal Wordless Wednesday – WOOHOO!

KidzVuz featured on the front page of the Personal Journal section of the Wall Street Journal in this article by Katherine Rosman.  I feel like my baby just got a national modeling contract…

Building Social Media Savvy Kids

So excited to be in the Wall Street Journal today in the article, Tweens’ Secret Lives Online.  It’s a great write-up for and an issue I feel passionately about.  Kids are online.  Kids are going to make mistakes.  The two realities are not a great combination.  But, they are realities nonetheless.  So we have to empower our kids to take control of their digital lives and learn how to be digital citizens.

We started KidzVuz with empowerment, creativity and safety in mind.  The earlier kids learn how to master content creation and become responsible people in the virtual space the better it will be for them and all of us.  I am amazed by the original and hard work my daughters are already doing online, and I hope that they continue in that vein.  But I also know cyber-bullies and trolls are out there, and are inevitable.  All I can do give them the tools to deal with those evils in the future and hopefully rise above them to see the great, positive potential in technology and social media.  We constantly hear from parents telling us that KidzVuz has been a source of positivity and confidence for their kids online, and that is the very best feedback of all.

I’m in The New York Times (or at least my avatar is)

I got a super surprising Google alert today that I thought was a mistake.  There was my Twitter handle – @beccasara – and there was “New York Times” next to it.  So of course I had to click on over.  And my Harry Potter tweet was featured in the #trendingNYC column in the City Room Blog.  Screenshot and all.  My avatar will look familiar to those of you who play the Wii – it’s a Mii – or as my girls call it the Momii.

Fun way to start the day!  Does this count as press?

Here, There, Everywhere – Recent Press & Other Cool Things…

I’ve been balancing a lot lately.  I would probably be a “what not to do” in a case study about work-life balance but it’s hard for me to say no when opportunities come my way.  So in the midst of wrapping up the school year, packing my daughters off to summer camp and planning an apartment renovation I’ve been trying to keep myself focused on my work and all the places it continues to take me that I didn’t expect.  I have come to realize that as I live more and more of my life on Twitter and Facebook I have neglected my readers who really only come to my blog.  This is my catch up post about all the shameless self-promotion that I’ve been doing elsewhere.

I was interviewed in The Daily News, From Screenwriter to Tech Darling, by Moms and the City.  I loved talking to Raina and am happy to call Melissa a friend who is a constant source of ideas, contacts and a big kick in the motivational butt when necessary.  I will write more about building KidzVuz later this summer when our second build launches. 

If you haven’t checked it out yet please do!  We love our beta tester kids and have tons of cool stuff planned with the new launch!

This week I did a great ABC News segment with Juju Chang and Lee Woodruff all about summer brain drain.  Filmed in a very fabulous Park Avenue apartment, the taping was incredibly fun and interesting basically because that’s exactly how Juju and Lee are.  Plus we had great discussion about why NOT to drill your kids over the summer.

Next week I will be speaking on a panel at CEA Line Shows.  The panel, How To Work With Mom Bloggers, is sponsored by Techlicious and moderated by the founder, Suzanne Kantra.  I will be speaking with 2 of my other Blogging Angels co-hosts, Amy Oztan ( and Nancy Friedman (  (who is also my KidzVuz co-founder and co-Queen Bee)

I was nominated as one of the Top 25 NYC mom blogs at Circle of Moms.  You can click on over and vote for me!  I’m thrilled to be listed with so many of my friends and fellow women bloggers that make my job so fulfilling and fun.

I am also really proud of the new Playdation blog where I am consulting as Social Media Director.  I was able to hire a group of really wonderful bloggers whose work I love and create a blog where the entire community discusses, advises and talks about play and childhood.  It’s the voice of the Playdation app which you can check out as well.

Beyond all this, in the now not so distant future, is the mother of all blog conferences, BlogHer.  We are going to have a very exciting BlogHer announcement for KidzVuz within the next couple of weeks so stay tuned!!