No, Mayor Bloomberg You Cannot Count on My Vote

Yesterday I received a call from a little old lady who called herself Charlotte. She told me that she was working for Mayor Bloomberg and then rattled off a list of his achievements as Mayor. She prattled on so quickly that I could barely keep track of the bullet pointed campaign platitudes that gushed forth […]

Am I a Bad Mom for Not Worrying About Swine Flu?

Today a fellow mom in my daughter’s class told me that her doctor husband wanted to keep their daughter home from school. She’s not sick.  No one at the school is sick.  Our school is nowhere near the schools that have been closed.  Yet, the cloud of Swine Flu mania hovers over the city.  The […]

Grey Gardens on the Brain

I have been on a cleaning rampage ever since I watched Grey Gardens on HBO last week.  When I saw the original documentary in college the thing that stuck with me was the sad and strange eccentricities of both Big and Little Edie.  But now, seeing Grey Gardens with mom eyes, with homeowner eyes, all […]

Kicking Your Kids to the Curb Madlyn Primoff Style

There’s not a mom on this Earth who didn’t hear the story about Madlyn Primoff, the mother who dumped her daughters on the side of the road when she just couldn’t stand another second of their bickering.  And among the moms I’ve spoken to – every single one of them laughed, or at least smiled […]

How to Raise Real New Yorkers

On a recent Sunday afternoon as we were weaving our way through the crowds on our way to see a matinee of Mary Poppins one of my five year old daughters casually asked, “what are XXX live nude girls?”  The tourists huddled on the corner around us laughed.  Yes, some pre-Disney vestiges of old Times […]