Find Your Tribe Wordless Wednesday


This came through my Facebook feed today via the fab Lyss Stern. Seemed to fit perfectly with Monday’s post about friendship.

What’s a #Hashtag?

The pound/number sign (#) has become a celebrity symbol now that it has been reborn as “hashtag.”

What started out simple has of course become out of control – especially on Instagram.

It’s used as an aside, a note of sarcasm, a way to track interests or participate in twitter chats, run contests, aggregate content, and sometimes just be goofy.

Still don’t understand?

Watch this:

Is Your Mom Always Right? Then This Casting Call is For You

I get a lot of PR emails every week pitching products and all that stuff and I usually scan the subject lines and just go down the list clicking delete.  At this point I know what I want to write about and with whom I like to work and trust.  But last week an email from a casting company caught my eye, because unlike many reality show pitches this actually seemed hilarious.

Here’s the pitch (my notes in red):

Are you a real mom, with a mother that you love/hate? With a mother that is helpful/drives you crazy? With a mom that is supportive/understanding/is always right and knows everything? (not a fit for my mom, but oh yeah my mind is churning with ideas now)

(Oh come on, it’s you that knows everything…)

A major cable network is casting a game show and looking for Moms and their Mothers living in the NYC/tri-state area who have a sense of humor about their relationship and a burning desire to be right.  (sense of humor is KEY here people.  Don’t come on wanting to crush your mom.)

Moms and Their Mothers must:
– both be over 21 years old and living in the NYC/tri state area
– be available for one day of taping (11/15 or 11/16)
– be in good health and ambulatory
– have at least one or two children between the ages of 5 and 14
– have at least one other close female relative living nearby (sister, aunt, mother in law, sister in law etc)

If this sounds like you please email the following ASAP to

– Full Name(s) of Mom and Grandmother
– day and evening phone number(s)
– town(s) where you currently live
– current occupation(s)
– recent photo of each of you (RECENT – even the grandma’s)
– name and relationship of close female relative living nearby
– names and ages of kids
– paragraph describing your family life – have fun with this! We want to know the good, the bad and the ugly (if you’re a blogger I’m sure you can just point them in the right linky direction)
– MOM COMPETITION SHOW in the subject line

Moms and Their Mothers will receive $350 each for 1 day shoot. (not bad for a day of proving you’re right – you do it for free every day!)

So if this sounds like you and your mom how could you not do this?  I think the fact that they want it to be funny – not mean or grudge-filled – says  a lot.  And who knows you just might win and be able to lord it over your mom forever more!

Mombloggers Heeding the Call

I’ve had an overwhelming response from mombloggers in real life, on twitter and here on my blog to my Momblogger is Not a Dirty Word post.  It’s been incredibly gratifying to hear from all of these writers and bloggers who are also funny, dedicated and hard working moms.  But, one of my favorite things to come out of that post was this cool MommyBlogger button created by Truthful Mommy.  You can head on over to her blog, The Truth About Motherhood and grab the button for yourself so you can tell the world that you are proud, damn it!

How Does a Blogger Get Compensated? Let Us Count the Ways…

It’s the Blogging Angels second podcast and we’re talking about the one thing that gets bloggers all worked up – what qualifies as getting paid?  Do you work for stuff?  What do you owe a company that gives you product unsolicited?  Can you write an unbiased review when the product was given to you for free and is yours to keep?  If you’re “guest posting” for free on someone else’s site are you a sucker or are you building your brand?

Listen in to where the four of us fall in this debate and join in the conversation on our blog.  We’re also asking listeners for their sign off suggestions!  We need a way to sign off that will be as memorable as Walter Cronkite’s “And that’s the way it is” but with a dash of Charo’s “cuchi, cuchi.” (seriously, watch that Charo clip!)  Shouldn’t be too hard for all of you witty and funny readers and listeners out there!

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My New, Very Exciting Venture: The Blogging Angels – A Podcast is Born

I like to write.  But I like to talk even more.  And lucky for me I found three other women whose opinions run deep, humor runs wide (and snarky) and most of all whose conversation I find interesting and engaging.  So we decided to stop having these discussions in diners or standing around at events and gather together so everyone can be a part of what’s going on.

Listen in on our first podcast where we tackle the ins and outs, good, bad and swag from BlogHer ’10.  And don’t worry we can take the heat – head to our blog after you listen and tell us what you thought, what you’d add to the conversation or just what you plain disagree with.

Blogging Angels Podcast Episode One: The BlogHer Post Mortem

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