What’s a #Hashtag?

The pound/number sign (#) has become a celebrity symbol now that it has been reborn as “hashtag.”

What started out simple has of course become out of control – especially on Instagram.

It’s used as an aside, a note of sarcasm, a way to track interests or participate in twitter chats, run contests, aggregate content, and sometimes just be goofy.

Still don’t understand?

Watch this:

3 replies on “What’s a #Hashtag?”

  1. Love this video! I remember trying to figure out Twitter lingo and the #. As a former working television anchor ### means end of story!!! There was an article in the NYT that tried to explain all of the symbols, meanings, usage etc buy using them and then trying to explain in written words what it all meant….not easy to do! And it made ZERO sense, too!

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