So Long, Due Date: 40 Weeks, 2 Days, and Still Counting…


This is a Maternity Monday post by still-pregnant guest blogger and teaching artist, Jess Levey.

Yup, the time has come, and gone, for the final looooong stretch. Although my husband and I are both very punctual people, I have always been pretty sure that baby would be late.  My due date was January 12th – two days ago.  Children are known to test their parents’ patience on a routine basis, so what better time than now to put me to the test?! And, it really wouldn’t be all that bad if it wasn’t for that fact that it is flu season (and as we have been told the WORST ever on record) so going to crowded movies or museums or taking the subway is pretty much not an option. Although, I may go against doctor dad’s orders on this one if baby doesn’t arrive soon!

So, basically we quarantine ourselves at home, working as much as we can on our photography biz, taking long walks, watching way too much TV, cooking, eating, and making up silly songs that we sing to the baby asking it to come on out.   On top of all the waiting are the constant stream of phone calls, text messages, and emails from friends and family asking what’s going on. Just when I feel like I have successfully distracted myself from the looong wait, I get another text saying something like “I can’t believe you don’t have a baby yet.” Really?  YOU can’t believe it?! But, I shouldn’t complain, all these texts and calls are from a place of love, even if they do sound like a broken record.

My husband and I are working as hard as we can to get this labor started so we can welcome our new amazing baby. I’m taking primrose oil and blue cohosh, eating spicy food, going for long walks, getting acupuncture treatments, and of course that other task which is how we got to this finish line in the first place (and, which really is not has much fun as it was 9 months ago!). So, basically, our daily lives are being taken over by this curiosity and attempt to control biology. And, then there are these blissful moments when I feel normal, like this is just how my life is.

My body is bigger but I’m not in any terrible discomfort.

I get to have my shoes put on for me.

I get to eat chocolate every day.

I have an excuse to not do anything or go anywhere, including to work, and life is quite relaxing.

I like these moments, when I can forget, maybe work on a project rather than obsess about the unknown.

And, I’m pretty sure it is during this relaxed state that baby will most likely decide to make his/her debut.

Just like a watched pot never boils, I know that baby ain’t gonna arrive until I chill out. But then, the phone rings, or a text comes in, or an email arrives, saying “So??? What’s going on?  Any baby yet?” And, I am reminded, once again of my main goal in life right now – to wait, and it may just be the longest line ever!

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