Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloon Flashback

In 2004 my sister worked at CosmoGirl in the temporary offices of the Hearst Corporation, used while they were building the new fabulous building on 8th Ave.  These offices perfectly overlooked the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade – right at eye level with the giant balloons.  My daughters were two years old – and totally in awe.


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  1. Rebecca, when my kids were little, I worked at SmartMoney — another Hearst magazine — located on the third floor of the red building you can see across the street in your picture (1755 Broadway). It’s the perfect parade viewing site. Though when I am at my parents tomorrow I will snag a copy of the picture of me and my sister watching the parade from 77th and CPW, carrying our “It’s Not Easy Being Green! Welcome Kermit” sign (in honor of the brand new Kermit ballon). (We were photographed by a National Geographic photographer and the picture appeared in World Magazine the following year.)

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