Building Social Media Savvy Kids

So excited to be in the Wall Street Journal today in the article, Tweens’ Secret Lives Online.  It’s a great write-up for and an issue I feel passionately about.  Kids are online.  Kids are going to make mistakes.  The two realities are not a great combination.  But, they are realities nonetheless.  So we have to empower our kids to take control of their digital lives and learn how to be digital citizens.

We started KidzVuz with empowerment, creativity and safety in mind.  The earlier kids learn how to master content creation and become responsible people in the virtual space the better it will be for them and all of us.  I am amazed by the original and hard work my daughters are already doing online, and I hope that they continue in that vein.  But I also know cyber-bullies and trolls are out there, and are inevitable.  All I can do give them the tools to deal with those evils in the future and hopefully rise above them to see the great, positive potential in technology and social media.  We constantly hear from parents telling us that KidzVuz has been a source of positivity and confidence for their kids online, and that is the very best feedback of all.

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