Turn Vegetables into Edible Art Kids Will Love with Clare Crespo and Country Crock

This is another guest post by the fabulous culinary blogger, Shari Brooks of My Judy the Foodie.  I guess I should just admit that she has become the food columnist for Beccarama.com, and I love it! So grab some celery sticks and a tub of Country Crock and enjoy the post!

Let’s face it, getting our kids to eat their veggies is an uphill battle. What could possibly be appealing about eating broccoli or spinach when there are so many tastier food choices?  I definitely resisted eating anything green as a child and I was denied many desserts in the process.  But, this week I attended a very exciting event sponsored by Country Crock and culinary artist Clare Crespo to promote the launch of a whimsical online recipe book, A Very Veggie World,  that features 25 imaginative veggie recipe creations from “Veggie Volcanoes” to “Green Bean Campfires.”

As a mom with young kids, I know first-hand the challenges of providing well-balanced meals where they’ll elect to eat their vegetables. Finally some fun solutions! Clare’s book arms us with ammunition in the form of beautiful full-page imagery with recipes turning basic veggies into celebrated, fun objects for kids enjoy and eat.  And we all know, when our children are involved in meal prep, they’re more invested in sampling the actual dishes.

Forget about eating Brussels Sprouts.  Try designing “Molecular Model Brussels Sprouts” where kids get to turn their kitchen into a chemistry lab.  Don’t fret about zucchini.  Try building “Zucchini Boats” with carrots sails.  Freaked out by broccoli?  You won’t be after you get a chance to make “Broccoli Swamp” complete with bubbly Swiss cheese to creatively recreate murky water.  Or how about an explosive sweet potato volcano?

In the test kitchen I created two of the 25 featured dishes while Clare explained the very basic steps. I must say, I’m not sure who had more fun making the “Pizza Flag” or the “Eggplant Car,” me, or my adorable 6-year old partner.  While he scooped and designed, I sautéed and chopped.  In that kitchen we were a team, working together on our veggie-based masterpieces.  Across the room, every single person experienced the same sense of satisfaction, and quite honestly, sheer delight as we witnessed an oblong eggplant transform into a quirky wagon with zucchini wheels–all in a matter of minutes.

All of the recipes are paired with gorgeous pictures, easy-to-digest nutrition tips, as well as quick shortcuts and links to other favorite recipes.  While Clare places the veggies front and center, she also accents them with Country Crock– a much healthier alternative to butter with 70% less saturated fat, zero trans fat and 30% fewer calories (apparently 8-10 kids surveyed said their veggies tasted better with Country Crock).

Oh, and I forgot to mention, the recipe book, A Very Veggie World is available online for FREE. FREE. FREE. FREE. FREE. FREE.

So, if you’re looking for fun, imaginative ways to get your kids invested and excited about eating their veggies, download  A Very Veggie World now.

Now, who says eating your vegetables can’t be fun?

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