The R Baby Foundation: Saving Babies’ Lives and Making ERs Safe for Children

There is perhaps nothing scarier for a parent than having to rush a child to the emergency room.  The feeling of not having control, not being able to fix something yourself, and many times not even knowing what is wrong, but knowing that your child is very sick is terrifying.  Even more frightening is when that child is an infant who can’t tell you anything.  Now imagine that when you reach the ER they don’t have an attending emergency room pediatrician, they don’t have the proper size equipment for a baby, they don’t even have a gown to fit and cover them.  It’s not hard to imagine, because this is reality in over 90% of Emergency Departments (EDs) across the country.

Here are the facts from the R Baby Foundation:

Emergency Pediatric Care Needs Our Help

FACT: Children make up 27% of all emergency department (ED) visits, but only 6% of EDs in the U.S. have the necessary supplies for pediatric emergencies.

FACT: Many drugs and medical devices have not been adequately tested on, or dosed properly for, children – including babies.

FACT: Although pediatric skills deteriorate quickly without practice, continuing education in pediatric care is not required or is extremely limited for many pre-hospital emergency medical technicians (EMTs).

FACT: Emergency medical services and emergency departments are not well equipped to handle pediatric care. Most children receive emergency care in general (not children’s) hospitals, which are less likely to have pediatric expertise, equipment, and policies in place for the care of children.

Join me now in support of the RBaby Foundation mission to education parents, implement standards so all Emergency Departments (EDs) will have to be able to adequately treat, or stabilize and move a young child to a properly equipped ED, train ED doctors and EMTs to treat infants and small children, equip EDs with the right size tools and make our EDs safe and prepared for even the youngest patients.

What you can do:

  1. Sign this petition to implement standards across the nation. And share it!  It takes 1 minute to sign!
  2. Join me at the R Baby 5 Star Gala in New York City on May 9th for an incredible evening of Food & Wine and saving babies lives!
  3. Share your stories at
  4. Make a Donation.  90% of funds go directly to programs and initiatives – not administration!

Emergency Room visits are scary enough for parents and children, let’s make sure that there can at least be comfort in knowing that they are prepared for the children who come through their doors.

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  1. I’ve worked in ER’s, it is true they vary greatly in the skill of the workers to treat children, and you’re right, that’s terrifying. Been very scared trying to treat children and realizing the nurses around me couldn’t draw blood or start IV’s on a child…

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