Creating a Magically Priceless Holiday Season in NYC

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It goes without saying that I love raising my kids in NYC.  One of things I love the most is the incredible opportunities that are available to us just by living here.  We’ve gone behind the scenes at the Metropolitan Opera (this actually fulfilled one of MY biggest wishes), been to the Origami Tree Lighting at the American Museum of Natural History, skated in Central Park and watched the giant Macy’s Thanksgiving Day balloons get inflated a block from their school. I’m always looking for the unique and special experiences that will be memorable and make my girls fully appreciate where they live.

This year I’ve discovered the Mastercard Priceless NY events to add to my must do holiday list.  I had the seriously fun pleasure of going to FAO Schwarz at 7:00 am – BEFORE it opened – to tour the store, get a first-hand look at all of the hottest new toys this season (many of which are featured in the KidzVuz Tween Gift Guide) and finally stock up on an awesome bag of candy!!  I didn’t take my daughters since they had to be at school – but really, being an adult at an empty FAO Schwarz was plenty fantastic.  I grew up in Brooklyn, and FAO was one of those magical places – like the Met, Lincoln Center and Broadway – that was reserved for a very special occasion, or a visiting relative.  I am so happy that they did not close it and have maintained much of what makes it magical.

While this event was great, even better is that I have now learned about all of the incredible Mastercard Priceless NY events and I’m hooked.  The NY Botanical Gardens Train Show before it opens to the public?  Yes.  A day spent with New Yorker cartoonists?  Definitely.  And there are so many more.  I’ve become addicted to the site actually – checking off all of the experiences I want to do and trying to figure out how to make them all work in our holiday calendar!  I think living in NYC is priceless – but it’s easy to lose sight of it sometimes.  So, I’m loving a site that helps me remember why I choose to raise my kids here and help us take full advantage of all there is to enjoy!

Check out the unique offerings at (they’re doing London and Toronto too – so if you live there check those out!)

I received a gift card and a whole lotta candy at the FAO Schwarz event but it in no way influenced this post (except for the sugar rush, which contributed to the rambling)

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  1. I would not live anyplace else…..born and raised here; raised my children here and now my grandkids are here….we are in Brooklyn….but only a stone’s throw from Manhattan….and do not hesitate to go into it…..especially this time of year.

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