Is Your Mom Always Right? Then This Casting Call is For You

I get a lot of PR emails every week pitching products and all that stuff and I usually scan the subject lines and just go down the list clicking delete.  At this point I know what I want to write about and with whom I like to work and trust.  But last week an email from a casting company caught my eye, because unlike many reality show pitches this actually seemed hilarious.

Here’s the pitch (my notes in red):

Are you a real mom, with a mother that you love/hate? With a mother that is helpful/drives you crazy? With a mom that is supportive/understanding/is always right and knows everything? (not a fit for my mom, but oh yeah my mind is churning with ideas now)

(Oh come on, it’s you that knows everything…)

A major cable network is casting a game show and looking for Moms and their Mothers living in the NYC/tri-state area who have a sense of humor about their relationship and a burning desire to be right.  (sense of humor is KEY here people.  Don’t come on wanting to crush your mom.)

Moms and Their Mothers must:
– both be over 21 years old and living in the NYC/tri state area
– be available for one day of taping (11/15 or 11/16)
– be in good health and ambulatory
– have at least one or two children between the ages of 5 and 14
– have at least one other close female relative living nearby (sister, aunt, mother in law, sister in law etc)

If this sounds like you please email the following ASAP to

– Full Name(s) of Mom and Grandmother
– day and evening phone number(s)
– town(s) where you currently live
– current occupation(s)
– recent photo of each of you (RECENT – even the grandma’s)
– name and relationship of close female relative living nearby
– names and ages of kids
– paragraph describing your family life – have fun with this! We want to know the good, the bad and the ugly (if you’re a blogger I’m sure you can just point them in the right linky direction)
– MOM COMPETITION SHOW in the subject line

Moms and Their Mothers will receive $350 each for 1 day shoot. (not bad for a day of proving you’re right – you do it for free every day!)

So if this sounds like you and your mom how could you not do this?  I think the fact that they want it to be funny – not mean or grudge-filled – says  a lot.  And who knows you just might win and be able to lord it over your mom forever more!

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  1. This is an irresistible opportunity for us, and you know I am right! Count me in and I will prove it!

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