Breakfast at BlogHer – The Blogging Angels Event

BlogHer – over 3,000 women over 3 days learning, networking, swagging and connecting.  It’s not for the faint of heart.  But BlogHer is only the star that smaller, hectic events orbit around in a mass of party hopping, celebratory, slightly insane universe.  Not content to merely attend BlogHer we Blogging Angels were fortunate enough to team up with a fantastic boutique PR firm, Zebra Partners headed by the supremely talented and knowledgeable Perrin Kaplan and throw a blogger branding breakfast.   We invited 50 awesome bloggers across niches and geography to join us for a hands-on branding workshop, learn the ins and out of media appearances, presenting yourself and creating your brand.

We were fortunate to have a slew of great sponsors like Striiv, Zuzee, Qualcomm Snapdragon, Kidzania, Her Interactive and more.  Plus two of our favorite brands who supplied us with super cool treats for our guests:  Mabels Labels who created personalized twitter handle labels and tags for our bloggers and Crazy Bitch Tea who made sure all of the ladies went home with tea to tame the most frazzled of post-conference nerves.

You can read all about it on the Blogging Angels blog – but listening to the podcast is way better.  That’s where you’ll learn all the juicy details, and hear why Eventbrite got my halo and horns this week!  Get it together Eventbrite!

Listen here!

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