She Streams Conference: The Next Evolution in Blogging?

I started with this blog.   I formed the Blogging Angels podcast a year ago.  I launched a user-generated video site, KidzVuz, this year.  And I am not unique.  All around me women are launching real media careers from their blogs – taking charge of their presence and voice in as many outlets as possible.  Once upon a time there was Lucille Ball – and then there was Oprah – women who owned their production companies, not just starred in the show.  Now, with the internet and social media, building a mini-media empire is truly within reach of women who have the gumption and work ethic to do it.

I spent two days at the first ever She Streams Conference – as an attendee, a speaker and on the expo floor with a booth for KidzVuz.  I had no idea what to expect since this was the first ever She Streams, we were presenting with another blogger we didn’t know in real life (even though her twitter handle is RealLifeSarah!), and then again with The Blogging Angels in a format we’ve never done before, and demoing our new KidzVuz redesign to numerous bloggers and sponsors.  More unknowns than I’d ever encountered before.  But, it was honestly fantastic.

First of all we New York City area bloggers are jaded.  We have so many events every week, a vibrant blogging community and a constant flow of PR pitches and meetings.  But let me tell you – the women bloggers across this country, in tiny small towns, rural areas, exurbs, South, West – where ever – they rock.  They are leveraging video, cornering their local markets, forming amazing communities and working their butts off creating fully monetized and successful blogs.  I love it.  This was a diverse, engaged and creative crowd.  Maria Bailey, who pulled off this endeavor with her top notch team in six months, really came through in a hugely impressive way.

You can check out the schedule here.  Hopefully they will post the sessions too.  The one downside to exhibiting in the Expo Hall and speaking in two sessions was that I didn’t get to attend any of the great sessions!  Check out the facebook page for more info.

Here were my top 5 Take-Aways:

  1. Sit next to someone you don’t know.  I made some of my best new contacts at lunch each day.
  2. To-do lists – learn to love them because they work
  3. Have a partner, or 3.  (I already knew this but it bears repeating.) When you team up with super smart people you shine.
  4. Good lighting is everything.
  5. It’s always worth it to put yourself out there.  Even if you’re terrified or just pessimistic.  There is opportunity everywhere.

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