My 7 Links Challenge – Writing Against My Will

If you know me you know I am not a big joiner.  I never did the 25 things about me meme on Facebook, I rarely answer those emails that urge you to answer questions and then send them on to 5 more people, I hate polls, but I am writing this post because this game of virtual tag intrigued me and came from one of my real life best friends, Shari of My Judie the Foodie.  The premise behind the My 7 Links Challenge is to analyze your own blog and break it down by some interesting categories.  And if there’s one thing I like it’s a chance to analyze and dig into some metrics in a new ways.

So, here it goes:

My most beautiful post:  I don’t think of myself as a “poetic” writer or a particularly fabulous photographer so I will define “beautiful” as a post that pulled at something deep inside me when I wrote it and that is The Bittersweet Inevitability of Growing Up.  Read it and weep.

My most popular post:  This is an easy one thanks to actual data and it’s a recent one: No One Puts Women Bloggers in a Corner – Except Women Bloggers.  But I have to give honorable mention to Mona Lisa Cat because it’s ALWAYS in my top 5 even though it’s just an image!

My most controversial post:  I guess it would be The Sex Talk: There’s No App for That.  Not so much on my blog but when it went up on Yahoo! Shine the comments were crazy and belligerent.

My most helpful post:  Hmmm, I’m a big advice giver on Mom Blog Magazine and The Blogging Angels, but don’t do that much of it here.  So, I’m thinking my latest post about BlogHer parties is up there: Ain’t No Party Like a BlogHer party: Except The 50 Other BlogHer Parties.

My post whose success surprised me: Why Aren’t Parents Rioting in the Streets?  I wrote it because I had to write it or I would burst.  I didn’t think anyone else would really care.  But, I touched a nerve, leapt into the education reform debate and ended up reprinted in The Washington Post.  And the comments were even better than my post I think.

My post I feel didn’t get the attention it deserved:  So many.  No really.  If you’re a blogger you know there are those posts you work so hard on and then watch as they recede into the ether while something you dash off in 15 minutes gets the limelight.  For me that post was Finding My Religion in a Bowl of Matzoh Ball Soup.  It had decent traffic but I love that post and it didn’t get the reader love I had hoped.

My post that I am most proud of:  Ick.  I don’t feel “proud” of my posts.  I think as a writer I am never fully satisfied with anything I write and I could tinker with posts forever.  It’s why blogging is still not second nature to me.  But, if I have to choose I’d say Generation Hillary is one that I wrote and feel like my daughters will read in the future and remember a part of themselves that was important and true.

Now I get to nominate 5 Bloggers I adore to name their 7 links!


And loyal readers I have to ask – do you agree with my links or do you think I have no idea which of my posts resonate and which don’t?

If you tweet this (and I hope you do!) please include the hashtag #my7links.  Thanks!!

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  1. I love your writing and your recap of posts is spot on.

    I guess I know what post I’ll be writing tonight, although I look to it with trepidation as I always don’t “favor” any of my posts. The few personal ones I have written could have used other placement, as well, to get read and I have moved them to other sites but not for that reason. I struggle with adamant, private family members (mainly British relations, but my mom is included – she didn’t like when I revealed that we had a Christmas tree one year growing up – we’re Jewish!) who don’t want our laundry shared, and I have to put my personal writing up on other blogs which I’ll share in this post. I treasure the comments I receive on personal blogs and am trying to incorporate more of them into my blog.

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