Join me for Tea and Tech Talk this Thursday in NYC

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This Thursday I will be speaking on a Verizon Wireless panel about women and smartphones (and of course showing off my Motorola Xoom that I’ve been test driving for the last 2 weeks.)  After throwing 2 events at BlogHer and hearing a lot from my podcast listeners and blog readers about how lucky NYC bloggers are to have so many events in NYC all the time I was really excited to be asked to be a part of this event because I get to invite 10 readers!

I also have to admit that I had an ulterior motive for saying yes to this event – it’s at Lady Mendl’s Tea Salon in Gramercy Park.  Those of you that know me in real life know that I don’t drink coffee.  I am all tea, all day.  I start with Earl Grey in the morning, move on to green in the afternoon and usually ginger or mint by evening.  I drink A LOT of tea.  And high tea is one of my favorite outings of all time.  I even carry around my Earl Grey with me in a little bag in case I’m faced with a sad box of Lipton when I arrive somewhere.

So, given the chance to combine two of my longest and favorite passions – tech and tea – how could I not say yes?  But, even better I get to share it with some of you.

If you would like to attend the Verizon Wireless tech and tea event as my guest this Thursday evening, August 18th just fill out  leave a comment telling me why you want to attend and how a smartphone or tablet has (or could) make your busy life easier and I will contact you with the details.  I will be choosing guests via

If you can’t make it but you would love to be on the Verizon Wireless group’s radar leave a regular old comment anyway letting me know the same smartphone or tablet info.  And if you throw in your fave kind of tea you’ll just up your cool factor in my eyes.  Us tea people have to stick together!

Good luck and hope to see you Thursday!

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  1. I love my blackberry so I can check my email throughout the day & not have to sit in front of the computer for 2 hours every night. I love all SerendipiTeas, Chai Lattes, honey chamomile, oh so many! We have a xmas eve tradition to go to high tea at The Plaza. We have tea every night too. We travel with tea bags too!

  2. Whoops trigger happy clicking. I love my smartphone because I can look up our family calendar on the go and let someone know right away if we’re available. It’s also perfect when we’re traveling and I’m looking for a rest stop for a bathroom break.

  3. I’m not in the area, but I’m a tea fanatic too. I’m part of a group that does a monthly tea swap. It’s a good way to try new teas without investing in a entire box of tea. My current favorite is Rishi’s Earl Grey but I also love Teavanna’s Mate Vana (chocolate tea!). I’ve never been to high tea and I want to go one day.

  4. I would love to attend, if only for the chance to spend some quality time with you! And no, I’m not just saying that to curry favor! 😉
    I resisted purchasing a smartphone for ages, and of course once I finally caved I didn’t know how I ever lived without one. It’s made me completely mobile and able to conduct business or personal affairs from anywhere at any time – so crucial for busy NYC moms. I’m very curious to learn more about tablets, as I’d love to know how they differ from smartphones and whether they would replace my laptop or be a supplemental purchase, or something else (see – I definitely need help!).
    And of course, tea at Lady Mendl’s sounds exquisite – I’ve always wanted to try it!

  5. No wonder we get along… I am a tea person too but more into mints and chamomile — and the occasional fruit “tea” 🙂 I think you should invite a tea person (moi!) who happens to be a reader to your event because smart phones/tablets can make life easier for us to find great tea salons of course.

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