I’m in The New York Times (or at least my avatar is)

I got a super surprising Google alert today that I thought was a mistake.  There was my Twitter handle – @beccasara – and there was “New York Times” next to it.  So of course I had to click on over.  And my Harry Potter tweet was featured in the #trendingNYC column in the City Room Blog.  Screenshot and all.  My avatar will look familiar to those of you who play the Wii – it’s a Mii – or as my girls call it the Momii.

Fun way to start the day!  Does this count as press?

4 replies on “I’m in The New York Times (or at least my avatar is)”

  1. Awesome! I heard about it from my sitter who lives near there and usually cuts through LC on the way home. I’ve always loved your Wii avatar, and now it’s famous!

  2. Its exciting to be mentioned in the NY Times no matter what. I had written on my blog about the upcoming Harry Potter premiere at Lincoln Center and would have loved to check it out, but I was out of town that day. I can imagine how crazy it must have been.

  3. What’s the NYTimes motto? “All the news that’s fit to print”? Well, clearly that includes tweets!

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