Remembrance of Careers Past

While packing up our apartment in preparation for our gut renovation we found many old pictures and pieces of children’s art work that made us sigh and go “ooooh, aaahhh.”  But nothing made me take pause as long and reflectively as finding the remnants of the last tech bubble when my husband was deeply immersed in the first round of start-up frenzy back in the early-mid 90’s and I was a spec screenplay writer obsessed with crafting the latest TV pilot for then brand new WB Network! All Hail Buffy and the TV pilot I never finished writing.   Someday…

(here’s the link I unearthed via the WayBackMachine where you can see a 1997 SonicNet homepage! – yes it was revolutionary)

Before MTV had a website...there was SonicNet

4 thoughts on “Remembrance of Careers Past

  1. Oh the days of startups. Isn’t it fun to go back and see what ideas never “made it” but almost did? I think it’s hard to keep up with the tech industry anymore, but it’s interesting to see how a site like MTV grows crazy big and something like what you worked on doesn’t. Sometimes I have to wonder if there’s a rhyme or reason to it.

  2. i remember going to a salvation army in northern virginia at the end of the first tech bubble around 1999 and seeing tee shirt after tee shirt on the racks with a dot com address i could only guess was no longer around….

  3. i would’ve found a ton of Urban Fetch shirts…..even though I didn’t work for them, I definitely feel like I kept them in business for the short time they were around!

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