Guest Angel Katie Rosman Joins The Blogging Angels

In honor of our special guest

We were so excited to have Wall Street Journal reporter, author and all around fabulous Michigander Katie Rosman join us as our guest on the Blogging Angels Podcast this week.  If you haven’t read her memoir about her mom, If You Knew Suzy you are in luck because it just came out in paperback.  You can hear all about her witty and insightful WSJ column where she mingles the personal take on social media with the professional view of a seasoned reporter.  Plus we just dish – about writing the personal, our love of Twitter and lack of patience for those who don’t get it, why Faygo Red Pop is nectar of the Gods and why our kids look so much cuter on Facebook than when they’re right in front of us whining.   Also, we bring up George Will.  You’ll have to listen to understand.  Trust me, this is a good one.

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