A Crazy Week: Birthday Parties, Moms Night Out and Teri Hatcher Eats Carbs, Really!

I haven’t written in a while, but not because I’ve been lolling around eating bon bons.  (What are bon bons anyway?)  My daughters celebrated their 9th birthday last week.  I can’t begin to wrap my brain around how my daughters could possibly be nine years-old, but in the world of Girldom nine means a real sleepover party.  I could no longer avoid it.  So a birthday extravaganza was hatched: 50 cupcakes baked, frosted, decorated and delivered to school for their in-school celebrations (otherwise known as snack time) and a dinner out at Lukes Lobster (I am so relieved, and terrified, that my daughters inherited my lobster loving gene) followed by dessert fabulousness at 16 Handles (ditto my toppings loving gene). The next day was the sleepover party complete with costume design, a music video production and Lady Gaga’s concert on HBO.  Lucky for me, and my girls, my sister is a kick ass photographer and videographer, as well as teacher with infinite patience, so she pulled off the major creative effort of the evening – the results of which you can see here.  (Yes, you can hire my sister too – check out her site Rising Shutterbug here.)

Of course the birthday party was just one item on my giant TO-DO list.  I was fortunate to attend a wonderful event for Share Our Strength to help end childhood hunger in America through the Grain Foods Foundation Bread Art ProjectTeri Hatcher is the spokesperson for the cause and she was both very lovely and very funny at the same time.  While I appreciate her standing up for whole grains and carbs her super skinny figure gives me pause, but I’m always in awe of celebs who really put in the time and energy (and patience) to lend themselves to causes and sit through endless questions from bloggers like us and then pose for pics one by one by one.   She did all of that with total grace and a smile.  Check out the Bread Art Project where you and your child can make some cool bread art and then have $1 donated to Share Our Strength for each piece of bread art you create.  There are some pretty cool examples in the gallery on the site. (special thanks to Jill Seiman for snapping the pic of Teri and I)

Lastly I had a mandatory Moms Night Out.  No really, it was a nationwide declaration though not quite a federal holiday.  How do we work on that?  Held at the aptly named Dream hotel in midtown I was thrilled to see fellow wonderful bloggers like Ellen Seidman, Kim Coleman, Linda Grant and learn all about Camp Broadway.  The I-Have-No-Idea-When-She-Sleeps Maria Bailey organized – actually founded – the event and it was great.  We even got to play with super cool FyrFlyz.  And by the way you should totally check out our hilarious reviews of FyrFlyz on KidzVuz.  They really are super cool.  (They provide the fireworks effects in the bday video too.)

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  1. Love the recap. To think I have to read your blog to know there’s a Lady Gaga concert on HBO. Sounds like a full week or a typical week, right? As a professional I can say I think there is a toppings gene. Unfortunately I have the germaphobic gene and the open air toppings at 16 handles (not to mention the potentially feces encrusted handles) sends me over the edge.

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