Getting Gorgeous and Meeting Liz Lange (the woman who made my pregnancy bearable)

On Saturday I went to a blogging event called Getting Gorgeous.  Founded and hosted by two gorgeous women bloggers, Vera Sweeney and Audrey McClellan, the event was the 2nd time the two women pulled off a fun, sponsor-filled and beauty-fashion centric happening.  The first was held during BlogHer and I didn’t attend because I was event swamped that week.  But, of course as these things go it was the one event that everyone said you should never, ever have missed.  So, this time around I made sure I was there.

As I’ve mentioned before my favorite part of these events is seeing other bloggers who I normally only glimpse a tiny thumbnail of as they move down my twitter stream or comment on a post.  I have come to think of so many of these women as my extended network of normalcy even though I rarely see them in real life.  So, to have the opportunity to catch up and revel in the fun that was Getting Gorgeous was double fabulous.  There were mimosas by Simply Orange Juice, always a good start, hair styling extraordinaire by a very cool company called Hair Room Service – who I am trying to get for  my sister’s wedding next week! – super cute flip flops that you jazz up with decorative  doodads called Flip Outs and so many more!  I even won the Hanes gift card, right in time for tank top season!

The main sponsor highlight of the event for me was meeting Liz Lange, just to thank her for getting tiny me through all 37 weeks of my twin pregnancy 9 years ago.  Back then Liz Lange had a tiny showroom up a flight of stairs on the Upper East Side, her fancy store was just opening I think, but I got all of my maternity clothes out of a trunk at a trunk show.  There was no Liz Lange for Target yet.  When you’re pregnant with twins it’s hard to feel fashionable past your 5th month and those clothes were the only ones I owned that I would have bought even if I weren’t pregnant.  My favorite, favorite item was a pair of red “leather” maternity pants.  I wore them for my 30th bday party, 8 weeks before I gave birth.  They are the one maternity item I still have because I couldn’t part with them.  I had fantasies of converting them into regular pants but they are so stretched out it would never happen.  I am still grateful to those pants.

I will now be checking out Liz’s new shopping site called ShopaFrolic which has the brains, fun and design you’d expect from a woman who was a mompreneur before there was such a thing!

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  1. I must confess, I was totally GREEN with envy about the Getting Gorgeous event and totally followed the hashtag
    as it looked like you were all having such a good time!

    I think Vera Sweeney and Audrey McClellan rock, both so sleek & fashionable! I also think you rock & you’re beautiful every day dressed up or dressed down because you have a great heart and you keep it real.

    Thanks for sharing details about Getting Gorgeous with us all! 🙂

    1. Thank you! You are always so supportive and such a great positive voice in the blogosphere. Hopefully the super smart duo behind Getting Gorgeous will have an event you can get to!

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