Getting Your Share of Blogging Dollars

Money, money, money – there is no escape from the discussion lately about women bloggers (and mom bloggers specifically) and what/if they’re getting paid.  Though thankfully the talk seems to have moved from IF to WHAT more often than before.  I was inspired this week by a survey request from Kim Moldofsky of Mom Impact and Hormone-Colored Days that asked for all sorts of payment information from bloggers in order for her to gather information to be used in an upcoming panel at Blissdom later this week.  We often talk about compensation in general, nebulous ways – not wanting to attach a dollar amount to ourselves publicly but also not sure if that dollar amount measures up to what others in the industry are getting.

This week I have takes on this topic.  My first is my latest piece at Mom Blog Magazine, Someone’s Getting Paid- Why Aren’t You, where I actually give dollar ranges for various assignments.  I can’t wait to see the comments and if any bloggers out there will chime in on the amounts I cited and dispute or affirm them.  My second go around at compensation (and where we name names about who is NOT treating bloggers right) is on my weekly podcast, The Blogging Angels.  We had an amazing guest this week in Nicole Feliciano of Mom Trends.  If you haven’t checked out her site you must.  She is not just a great reporter on fashion, beauty, fitness and more but also a smart, savvy business woman.  She has executed some really out of the box and creative campaigns for her sponsors that I think are leading the evolution of ad spending on blogs and how the brand-blogger relationship can be meaningful.

Later this week I will be heading to Blissdom.  It is my first time at this conference and I am super excited.  I am a big fan of the organizers of the event, Barbara Jones and Alli Worthington, because they are women who have taken their brands and businesses to the next level and are constantly thinking about how to give back and bring more women up.  I’m curious to see how they run a conference and how sponsors will interact with bloggers at Blissdom.  Fingers crossed it’s not a giant swagathon and more like real relationship foundations being built.  But, no matter what transpires at Blissdom I have a feeling that money will be on everyone’s mind and that should make for some very interesting discussions all around.

(also as a side note, if you’re into real estate porn – and who isn’t? – you should check out Kim Moldofsky’s Property Sluts video series which is her seriously hilarious endless search for a new home)

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