Check Out My CES Social Media Standouts at Mom Blog Magazine

Some of you may already know that I was recently named Social Media Editor at Mom Blog Magazine.  I jumped at the chance to work with Jennifer James, the founder of Mom Bloggers Club as well as a host of other incredibly impressive women blogging communities.  I have had the privilege of attending numerous events hosted by Jennifer over the past few years and reading her insightful and smart writing along the way.  She has always struck me as being a woman who is both gracious and savvy, as well as full of integrity – so I knew that any project that she started would be well executed and thought out.  And, I was right.

I write a weekly column all about the social media world – tools, tips, practical advice – for bloggers interested in growing their brand and using social media in a smart way.  I also recently created a 12 week Blog Shape Up Plan for Mom Bloggers Club – a sort of fitness plan for your blog to beef it up, stretch it out and give it new energy.  I’m hoping that the women who have signed up so far will see real results.

This week I wrote an extra piece for Mom Blog Magazine all about my favorite social media tools and trends that I saw at the Consumer Electronics Show.  If you want a full, unedited and brutally honest report on CES definitely check out The Blogging Angels Podcast series where we dish every night about what we saw, what we wished we didn’t see and what we really, really wanted to own right now!  For my scoop on the products I will most definitely be trying out (or at least lusting after) check out my Social Media Takeaways on Mom Blog Magazine.  And you can find me there every Monday for other social media coverage too.

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