Top Ten Parenting Truths of 2010 (learned the hard way)

  1. If your child is a raging maniac for no reason chances are they will wake up in the middle of the night vomiting with 103 degree fever.
  2. Always put a bowl next to your child’s bed if they say their stomach hurts before bedtime.
  3. The first 6 weeks of school are always terrible.  It will get better.
  4. The last 4 weeks of school are always terrible.  Deal with it.
  5. Sleep-away camp is good for kids and even better for your marriage.
  6. Parenting is all about follow through – make good on promises and consequences or you will lose all credibility.
  7. Don’t rush your kid.  There’s plenty of time to see plays and movies and read books that they aren’t quite ready to emotionally process yet.  Just because something has music in it doesn’t mean it’s kid-friendly.  Glee is not a kid’s show.
  8. Don’t underestimate your kid.  Sometimes a child is ready for something new. Don’t let your own fears keep them back.  Unless it’s horseback riding.  Or swimming in the ocean.  Yeah, I’m still working on this one.
  9. Breathing is your friend.  (especially near said horses and ocean)
  10. Put down the phone.  Turn off the screens.   And listen.

I am gearing up for the lessons of 2011.  How about you?

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7 replies on “Top Ten Parenting Truths of 2010 (learned the hard way)”

    1. I know. We just got back from beach vacation and I swear I don’t know how I got through it. I can’t watch my kids in the ocean even when they’re in there with 3 adults. I think there is nothing more unpredictable than the ocean. Not a fan.

  1. Love #4! This is my DD10’s 3 yr at sleepaway – 4 blissful weeks of reconnecting with the DH. I’m even considering 11 days on top of that…we shall see…

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