Microsoft is Only Human – Two Guest Angels Join Our Podcast

Over the last 3 months I have been part of a Microsoft Windows Live netbook blogger program.  They loaned me a seriously adorable Asus EEE netbook tricked out with Windows 7 and all the Windows Live tools and set me free to play around with it, travel with it and discover how these new products engage with my family and work lives.  I have come to love my little Asus – and not just because it’s pink and sassy (yes I know how much like a girl that makes me sound and I don’t care) but because I am always on the go and it has become this city mom’s best travel companion.  There has also been an unexpected side effect of being part of this Windows Live program and that is getting to know some of the great, smart, genuine people at Microsoft – especially on the Windows team.  Ben “The PC” Guy Rudolph and Lisa Worthington are two of these Microsoft PR mavens who have lent me not just a netbook, but also their time and advice.  Last week while they were awhirl with the Microsoft Open House product showcase, media blasts, endless demos and meetings they took the time to come on up to our Upper West Side recording studio – or Angel Nancy’s fab apartment as it is known to the non-social media world – and record a podcast with us Blogging Angels.

What did we talk about?  Well, you’ll have to listen to find out, but some of the highlights include Ben’s insane mastery and memory of every PC bloggers and non-bloggers should be considering.  How mega-brands like Microsoft envision the blogger/brand relationship.  How Lisa and Ben separate their work and personal lives, even while blogging on the Windows Team corporate blog and maintaining an authentic Twitter presence.  And of course lots of just good old dishing and laughing because they were with us of course!

You can listen to the podcast and leave a comment at The Blogging Angels or as always on iTunes.

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