Tornados, Tequila and the Totally Adorable Marcela Valladolid

Several weeks ago I went to one of those blogger events that include the promise of good food, fabulous company and a really fun evening – plus a car and driver to whisk me and a few other NYC bloggers to our destination in the wilds of New Jersey.  Okay, it was the suburbs, but this evening coincided with one of the worst weather events in the NY Tristate areas, complete with tornadoes in Brooklyn and Queens.  Packed into the SUV with Kim Coleman (MomInTheCity), Katja Presnal (Skimbacol Lifestyle) and my fellow Blogging Angel, Nancy Friedman (FromHiptoHousewife) we braved the storm and risked our lives to arrive in time to party with the seriously-tiny-in-person, beautiful and ridiculously talented Marcela Valladolid host of Mexican Made Easy on The Food Network.

The evening was sponsored by Sauza Tequila as a Ladies Night In so you can imagine the amount of tequila we consumed as Marcela stirred and shook up cocktail after cocktail that left those frozen margaritas of your college days in the dust.  Even a hot cider version.  Yes, it was ridiculously good – so good Katja proclaimed that all ski lodges around the world must serve it immediately.  I concur, especially since I don’t ski and so spend all day in the lodge on my laptop.

Marcela demonstrated numerous wonderful recipes.  And she caused a fire – on purpose of course – when she taught everyone how to flambe.  But, the thing I was taken with about Marcela was how passionately she spoke about her upbringing, how much she believed in fresh homemade food (no orange cheese people!!), and what an amazing advocate she is for real Mexican cooking not the gross American version.  It’s a very under-represented cuisine in my opinion.  Pick up her cookbook, Fresh Mexico and you will see what I’m talking about.  Also you can watch the whole evening online because it was simultaneously webcast that evening.  Though I advise holding off on the Sauza if you’re planning to flambe!  (but by all means make that lemon-lime tequila drink for during the meal.  So damn good I convinced my sister to serve it at her wedding…)

One last thing I have to mention about this event.  I am a vegetarian – or a pescetarian actually – and there was nothing for me to eat aside from the guacamole at this event.  But, Dawn Sandomeno of PartyBluPrintsBlog – who along with her partner Elizabeth Mascali graciously hosted the event in her home was so upset that I didn’t have enough to eat she offered to go into her own fridge and get me soup she had made for her family.  Now, if that is not the sign of the ultimate hostess I don’t know what is.  So, if she’s doling out party tips you should listen to her!  Check out their PartyBluPrints Blog and their book, Plan to Party.

This event was also hosted by the fabulous Role Mommy Beth Feldman who somehow squeezes 28 hours into a day has a new online magazine called Project You full of great articles and even a funny, fabulous one by none other than Nancy Friedman.  (twice in one post I’m mentioning her.  What will Google make of that?)

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