Let Me Conference You in – The Ins and Outs of Web Conferences

I’m convinced that the best way to make money blogging is to hold a conference on how to make money blogging!  Of course this is also true of screenwriting and most self-help guru seminars too.  But conferences hold a special place for social media people and women bloggers in particular – they are a place to connect in real life, put faces to avatars and Twitter handles, network, get inspired and feel like you are a part of a community.  Learning about your craft and your field – well that’s always good too.  So this week on our Blogging Angels podcast we are spilling the beans on which conferences we’re going to next year, which ones we’ve liked in the past, if sponsors take women bloggers seriously or just as potential marketing bait, and if women bloggers get the short end of the Web Conference stick.

Tune in now on Blogging Angels – or as always on iTunes.  And why haven’t you subscribed already?   It’s so much better that way!

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