Blogging is Hard.

Really it is.  For the past two weeks my real life has kicked my ass and I’ve watched as day after day my computer has functioned as a giant Twitter stream and email board.  My writing, my real honest to goodness writing has taken a backseat to the whirlwind that swept through the month of September.  It’s not that I haven’t been going to fabulous events or seeing friends or thankfully recording podcasts it’s just that my writing groove is hopelessly out of sync.

For a writer this state of non-writing is like being in a haze.  I know my days are packed with important tasks, meetings and obligations but without real focused writing time I tend to feel untethered.  What I’ve realized is that this new school year requires an entirely new schedule not just for my daughters but for me too.  What I’ve also come to realize is that as I’ve piled on new projects and responsibilities I haven’t given up or delegated anything old so by default it’s my writing that has suffered.  This is not OK.

I know I’m not alone in my stack of posts in draft mode, the events I attended that I still haven’t written about and the running mental conversations babbling through my brain at all times that I’m sure I will write down just as soon as I can.  This is why blogging is hard.  Maybe the hardest kind of writing I’ve ever done.  Once you are established there is an expectation – from loyal readers and subscribers, from PR people who invited you to events and from your own nagging inner voice – that you must produce on a regular basis.  I suppose for people who blog their everyday life or who can shoot out a quick 150 words this is no biggie.  But for me, a girl who constantly edits, rewrites, is never happy with the final product and instantly wants to make another change the moment I hit “publish” the act of blogging is constantly stressful.

When I wrote fiction and screenplays (a lifetime ago) there was a different kind of investment in my writing time.  There was a big picture I could feel my way through with an endpoint in mind.  I loved spending time in whatever world was being created on the page, following characters, crafting dialog – telling a story so far outside myself.  Having that final “THE END” was both mystifying and exhilarating.  In contrast,  a blog has no end.   Every post leads to another.  The characters?  They are real.  And the world?  Well it’s not terribly escapist for me the writer.

So while I love my blog – and I really do – I have realized that every once in while I need a break:  A blog-cation.  As from any hiatus I have to hope I come back recharged and with a new perspective in the blogosphere.   Or maybe I need a Twitter-cation instead – ’cause Twitter?  That’s disgustingly easy.

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  1. I know that moment when you realize you’ve been doing everything around the writing but not the writing itself. I find it’s helpful to set a time so I don’t lose too much time to twitter/facebook — when the buzzer goes off, I move on no matter what.

  2. Misery loves company – that is why blogging is such a huge success. Can completely identify with what you have written. My sorry tale is over-committing and under-delivering. Seasons, change, though, so hang in there. This too, shall pass. I’ve found we just have the greatest expectations that we can do it all. And we could – if there were 27 hours in every day. Best to you!

  3. I totally agree with you, blogging is hard work. Especially if you actually care about the content and quality. Yesterday I felt like I had to get out a post as I hadn’t published in over a week. I wasn’t really feeling it and it wasn’t my best work. I am still trying to establish my blog and I think I will have to remind myself of what my goals are. Maybe we all need a REAL vacation with no tecnological interruptions!!! Do they even exist anymore?? :). Thanks for a great post.

  4. I have been following your posts for a while and have wanted to respond – but I too seem to have a lot on my plate. But this post really hit a chord–I can relate to it all. My friend and I recently started our own blog,, and while I am enjoying the excitement and newness of it all, blogging is hard! It’s good to know I am not alone in feeling this way sometime.

    Love your writing though- so take a break whenever you need to but keep on writing whenever you can!

  5. Blogging IS hard! I admire anyone who has one – the upkeep is difficult…especially when life gets in the way.

    IMO, I’d rather read well thought out (and infrequent!) blogs that sheer stream of conciousness anytime…and as someone who often goes over her blog comments several times before she hits ‘submit’ – I know where you’re coming from…

    I think you’re readers will appreciate your honesty…and keep coming back regardless of when you post!

  6. I relate to EVERYTHING you just blogged- and oh what a way you have with words- I could read on and on about you needing a blog-cation- and I am there with you on all of it!

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